Top 10 Security and Privacy Apps 2019

All of us want to keep some aspects of our life private and secured. Our smart phones have become the most important devices that influence our lives in many ways. Just like millions of other people, you keep your private data which include photos, videos and other personal documents on your mobile phone, isn’t it? Every one of us keeps a bit of sensitive data that is really important to us.

But, with all the news of cybercrime hovering around the world, it has become essential to keep your data protected from external malicious factors. If you want to prevent anything or anyone to hack into your phone and steal your data, it is high time that you use some of the top privacy and security apps that will help to safeguard your data. These apps help you to create and manage your passwords, makes way for a safe and encrypted payment system, secures your images and documents, etc. They have been developed for the ultimate all-rounder protection of your smart phone, making it less vulnerable to cyber hacking or intrusion.

Today we have made a list where we will discuss the top 10 privacy and security apps that you can download to keep your phone safe.

Security & Privacy Apps Of 2019

Whether you are an iOS or Android user, if you are not careful enough, every smart phone regardless of their OS is vulnerable to a privacy breach. So we have included apps that both the set of users can use on their smart phones. Read carefully and decide which ones you will use.

Bouncer – Android

Made specifically for Android users, the Bouncer app is one of the best privacy and security apps that we have seen in a while. The service it provides is unique in the sense it gives you the amazing ability to provide permissions to apps temporarily. It allows you to choose what kind of permission and for how long it is going to get it. For instance, if you have flagged a particular app to detect your location but temporarily, Bouncer will take away the permission as soon as you leave the app. Therefore you will not have to worry about apps to constantly signal your location and invade your privacy. This is also a really fantastic way to save a lot of battery due to the less amounts of services running in the background. Bouncer has been designed for single and one-time permission only. So whenever you open a particular app, you will need to ask Bouncer to provide that app with permission. Here are the most helpful features of the application –

● Increased security, privacy and battery life
● Never have to worry about what apps are doing in the background
● No complicated root setup needed
● Easy to use and understand the UI
● Available at a reasonable rate

The bouncer comes at a price of $0.99 which is quite affordable at the price that it is available. It is a good app that efficiently safeguards your private information all the time and also saves battery.


Firefox Lite (Firefox Focus) – Android

Browsing is one of the most frequent things that we do on our smart phones. We surf through the internet to read the news, check out products, watch movies and various other curricular. Hence, it is important that you use a safe and secured web browser so that none of your data gets leaked. When it comes to using a browser, Firefox will always be one of the top 5. The Firefox Lite is a good and efficient browser that helps to encrypt all your data from outside intrusions. The browser has a very simple user interface that you can learn to get familiar with within a few days. Since the app is less than 5MB in size, the ultra-lightweight quality is a good choice for those who have low to mid-segment mobile phones. It also helps to save a lot of battery as it does not consume too much RAM or storage. You will be really impressed with the overall speed of the browser and the quick response time provides smooth web surfing. The app tracks and blocks many adverts and trackers. Here are the best features of Firefox Lite –

● Lightweight Web Browser
● Fast Browsing Speed
● Protect Yourself from Trackers
● Prevent ads and pop-ups
● Advanced Private Browsing

The app is available for free and you can download it easily from the Google Play Store. The developers release frequent updates so that you stay up-to-date with the latest features.

Private Photo Vault – iOS

The pictures you click with your camera or any other images that are present in your phone are stored in a gallery application. With the help of this gallery, you will be able to access the photos. Some application developers have been caught uploading the photos of their users to their private and anonymous servers; thus making them public for many people to access but when you use Private Photo Vault, you will not have that risk. It comes with 100% safeguard of your privacy. The developers do not upload any of your images to any servers and all of them remain in your phone. If you want, then you can sync them easily with your iCloud or iTunes for easy and quick backup. You can easily create albums or you can also import/export different photos from it as well. It also supports the sending of different Email Photos and Text Message Photos. The developers have added other security features as well by protecting the app with a password by using either a Pin Lock or Pattern/Dot Lock. This will not allow anyone to access your gallery and keep it safe. To make it even fun, you can set a decoy password. The app is available for free on the Apple Store.

Dashlane – iOS

All of us have our own set of secret passwords, don’t we? These passwords allow us to access various social media platforms, bank details, and several other sensitive data that cannot be shared with anyone else. To keep all your passwords protected and manage them in an efficient way, Dashlane is your one-stop solution. It has been integrated with a software that combines the security and ease of a world-class password manager. Along with that, the users get a host of other features available for use to keep your data safe online and prevent any malicious activities. This is the best app to protect your online presence and maintain the highest level of privacy. You will be delighted to know that the app, comes with a built-in VPN for safe that makes way for anonymous browsing. Worried if someone else is going to access all your password? Don’t be. They ask for a Two-factor authentication (2FA) to verify your identity or else it won’t open. The app also has been integrated with fingerprint and face unlocks support for the highest level of security. Available for free of any cost, Dashlane was previously awarded the PC Mag “Editors’ Choice Award” in the year of 2017.

Download the app:

Applock by DoMobile Lab – Android

The Applock by DoMobile Lab is quite similar to the application named as Dashlane available for iOS. However, the Applock is developed only for Android devices. It is one of the better apps that provide you with an app lock feature. But why is this so? This is because the app comes with a plethora of features that makes your life easy. With this app, you will be able to lock the gallery, phone app, messaging app, or even social media apps with your custom password and prevent others from. The app comes with a simple and intuitive user interface that is very much effective. This is one of the most popular Android privacy and security apps that have more than 500+ million users. You also have the ability to hide and unhide the folders depending on your preferences. Another really useful and sophisticated feature that we can use is the “Intruder Selfie”. It takes a quick photograph of all the people who try to open the app without knowing the password. Here are the top benefits of using this app –

● Well-designed Themes
● Incognito browser: no history record
● Private SNS: log in multiple accounts
● Intruder Selfie: take photos of invaders

Available for free on the Google Play Store, Applock by DoMobile Lab is one of the most reliable privacy and security apps for android.


NordVPN – Android and iOS

Securing your connection is also an important way by which you can keep all your data and files safe from any intruder. Virtual private networks or VPN are the best way to keep your connection safe and private. Especially when you are going to access a public WiFi network, a VPN masks your original IP address and uses a decoy for a temporary period. NordVPN is one of the top emerging VPN applications for both Android and iOS platforms. It has already received high praise from Android Central, PCMag and TechRadar, for being one of the most useful and sophisticated VPN apps ever. The server base of this VPN is almost around 5700 servers around the world with high-quality mobile server encryption and passcode. You can choose any of the servers that are spread across 60 countries. The VPN also guarantees high speed and quick response time, thus providing a satisfactory experience for the customers. Here are some of the top features of the app –

● Protect 6 devices with a single account
● Exclusive 24/7 customer support
● 5700+ servers in 60 countries
● Ultra-fast servers for P2P sharing
● Double VPN for double encryption

You can download the app for free and use it like that for the basic version which does not come with too many useful features. However, if you pay a monthly fee of $12 or a yearly fee of $84, then you will instantly get access to the premium version. This gives you the ability to unlock all the features.

Proton Mail – iOS and Android

Undoubtedly Gmail is the world’s most used and popular email app. However, there are some very useful and productive alternatives to Gmail that provides you with better encryption and safety. Just like the Proton Mail. Email hacking and laundering is rising around the world and therefore there can be a high chance that your email can be hacked. However, if you use Proton Mail, that risk is mitigated by a significant extent. Currently, it is the world’s largest encrypted email service with millions of users. Founded and developed by the scientists and developers at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) this is end-to-end encryption to keep all of your messages and files safe from malware and external breaches. Proton Mail comes with a modern interface that is easy to use and has a kind of resemblance to the Gmail app. Here are the top features of the Proton Mail –

ProtonMail Beta Desktop

● The app ensures that all of your emails stay private and cannot be intercepted or disclosed to third parties
● It comes with the feature of End-to-end encryption and is OpenPGP compatible
● Very easy to use and the encryption is done automatically by the app and is completely invisible to the user
● There is zero access in the app. All messages are stored in an encrypted format—not even the developers at ProtonMail can read your messages
● Proton Mail comes with swiss privacy and neutrality. ProtonMail is hosted entirely in Switzerland, under the protection of the world’s strongest privacy laws

Proton Mail is completely free of cost and you can easily use it without any payments. However, if you like the application you can upgrade to a premium membership account or donate to the developers for supporting their cause.

Download the app:

Signal Private Messenger – iOS and Android

Messengers are our favorite apps that allow us to enjoy a quick chat and gossip with other people. Since these applications can allow you to send images, documents, files, etc. they can make way for vulnerabilities that lead to decreased smart phone security. However, if you start using Signal Private Messenger, then you remain much safer than others using more vulnerable private messaging apps. The app has millions of users worldwide and it initiates free of cost instant communication service all the time. Just like any other popular app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, you can send and receive messages, start HD voice and video calls, send different files as well. So how is it safer from others? Signal uses its own Privacy-preserving Technology that encrypts every chat thread you start and prevents any intrusion. It feels like any other messaging app. Just verify your number, create an account and start texting your friends! Here are the best features of this application –

  1. Fast and reliable – all the messages are delivered quickly and reliably, even on slow networks. So no more waiting.
  2. No costs involved – Signal Messenger is a completely independent 501c3 nonprofit. All the features are available free of cost.
  3. Seamless calling – Signal features seamless voice and video calling even if your friends or family members are living across the world.
  4. Friendly UI – Signal has a friendly and very simple yet sophisticated UI so that everyone can use it effortlessly.

1Password – iOS

Passwords are the key to our privacy. Hence it is important to safeguard them before anything else. Instead of writing them down on a piece of paper or in your mobile notepad, which can be easily accessed, why don’t you use 1Password? A brilliant iOS application that keeps all your password-protected throughout the year-round. The app has a beautiful and seamless UI that allows you to add your passwords to the app and the rest is taken care of. You can now sign in to websites or other applications without having to repeatedly enter the password details because 1Password will automatically do that for you. It also allows you to enhance your passwords by making them stronger and thus preventing anyone to crack them easily. Apart from passwords, it can also store fill usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and addresses. So whenever you need to use any of them, the app will help you out. Just by opening your account on your iOS device you can use it across several others as well. The app comes with both Touch ID and Face ID support that provides extra protection 24×7. The app sends alerts in case any of your passwords has been compromised or if you haven’t changed it for a long time. Here are the top features –

● Unlock the app quickly and securely with Face ID or Touch ID.
● Lock the app automatically to ensure your data is protected.
● Store items in more than a dozen categories: logins, credit cards, addresses, notes, bank, licenses, etc.
● Create strong, unique passwords and memorizable passwords.
● Create a plethora of different vaults to keep different areas of your life separate.

You can try the 1Password application free for 30 days, and then if you like the app, you will need to keep going with the 1Password subscription.

Download the app:

SurfEasy VPN – iOS

Last but not least, we have got another VPN app that is exclusively available for iOS users. The SurfEasy VPN works 24×7 in order to keep your phone and it’s private network protected from outside intrusions and malware. The app uses an ultra-fast, no-log network that helps to encrypt your network from being identified by hackers. It maintains 100% privacy by not letting others know what you do online and what your activities are across the web. It works wonders when you are using a private network or Wi-Fi by masking your IP address so that others cannot see that you are online in the public domain as well. The app uses AES-256 bank-grade security which is one of the best we have seen so far among all the other VPN apps that is available in the market. Available for free, you can use the app for 30 days of the free trial, but after the trial, you will need to subscribe to the premium membership to continue using the app. Here are the best features of SurfEasy VPN –

● Strict No-log Network – the developers do not retain any of your private logs related to your activities on the web.
● Exclusive Tracker Blocker – the tracker blocking algorithm of the app blocks any tracking cookies used by advertisers.
● WiFi Hotspot Protection – from now protect your privacy and personal data when you are connected to a public WiFi hotspot.
● Bank-level security – it uses AES-256 bank-grade security for the best in class privacy encryption and safety measures.

So here are the top 10 privacy and security apps which you can choose to use in 2019. We have mentioned different apps from various categories that will help you secure every aspect of your smart phone usage on a regular basis.


Final Words – security and privacy have become vulnerable these days. If we are not careful enough, a breach can happen at any time. Such an intrusion of privacy can hamper your life very seriously and therefore you cannot let that happen.

Our smart phones have become our lifeline. Many of us cannot spend a day without it. So make sure to check out all the apps that we have mentioned in this list for both iOS and Android phones. Keep your device and private life protected from anything malicious.