Role Of Indian Telecom Sector In Mitigating CoronaVirus

8th March 2020, all of our caller tunes were changed to COVID 19 Advisory. A brilliant step was taken by the Government of India and executed by the Telcos. That Half-Minute audio worked real smooth in spreading awareness. By that time 13 cases were reported in Pan India and the citizens were getting aware of it automatically by a chain process.

The country, in turn, is experiencing an inclined curve of contagious citizens and before the situation became fatal, the government announced a 21-day lockdown throughout the country, followed by a one day Janata Curfew. Now, during the lockdown, every industry and services are closed, exempting few emergency services. No doubt telecom is one of them. Telecom is operating in the country as the heart pumps fresh oxygen to the brain even when the body is hibernating.

Let us see how the Indian telecom sector is playing a key role in mitigating coronavirus.

Empowering Business

The most indispensable services like Banking, E-Commerce, Military, Security and what not are entangled with telecom. The lockdown has been extended till the 3rd of May. Facing hurdles, industries are partially operating in the “work from home” concept. Rest are eagerly waiting to bounce back into active mode by adapting the “New Normal”. They want a budget-friendly, integrated, IT Solution that would help continue the business by seamlessly running the system and operational process through remote access. Telcos is setting up the framework to empower these businesses by making them digitally enabled.

tech industry is ensuring business

Prioritising Customer

When the country is sitting at home, the first surge scenario appears in Data. The requirement of the high bandwidth of data for a really long time in a day is not very easy to manage without prior networking arrangements. Flexibility in tariff and validity are also under concern. People in India, especially the elderly who are not comfortable with online bill payment or recharge, are not supposed to go out. It is important to recharge and restart their network connectivity, but they are unable to access the benefits of digitalization. Indian telecom and our Government did not forget about them, new systems to help them are on their way.

telecom sector customer

Stay Informed Stay Safe

A nation of 136 Crores when the war is against the invisible, with such a dense population, exact information and regulation along with important exemptions, should reach the person at the remotest corner of the country. Telecom is single-handedly doing this job by providing information regarding lockdown measures, precautions and availability of essential service through every digital platform. When people are getting information in a proper way, handling any situation becomes easier with proper transparency. Here, we can feel the real power of the role of Indian telecom sector in mitigating Coronavirus disease.

Service Quality

The huge demand for data bandwidth and Long runtime is on one hand and on the other hand, there is the quality of service. If the quality of service is not matched to the optimum level, the seamless functionality will be vague. In this case scenario, telecom is doing its best to maintain service integrity.

T-Mobile offering $15 phone plan during coronavirus pandemic

The point is, the real hardware issues demand real-time maintenance. Extending Run Time, Huge traffic handling is resulting in server collapse in few areas. Now, transportation being locked down, engineers are facing hurdles to reach the server or network room to address the physical damage or issues. That, in turn, adding more hours into downtime, data traffic is going real slow as a consequence.


The global disaster we are going through right now was completely unplanned. A framework meant to operate in a certain way suddenly experiencing a paradigm shift. Telecom Single-handedly connecting people in the world who are actually isolated. This Journey would have been worse if we had to fight it fifty years ago. The role of the Indian telecom sector in mitigating coronavirus is really praisable.