Relieve Your Sunburn Skin With CBD

Whether it’s because it reminds them of carefree summer days or because they can wear less makeup, sunkissed skin is the best kind of skin for some people. Yet, unlike other things in the world, a fake tan is far better than a real one.

Real tans require time in the sun, and that can wreak havoc on your skin. Although your body needs to absorb vitamin D from the sun, your skin can’t afford the temporary and permanent damage the sun can cause. From burns to pigmentation, spending more time than recommended in the sun without protection means risking more wrinkles, stains, and burns.

Sunscreen and time spent in the shade will always take first place in protecting you from sun damage, but if you are looking for something to help you treat your sunburnt skin, then there’s a new natural compound on the market that might help you do just this.

What is CBD?

If you are keen on pop culture, you must have already heard about CBD from one celebrity or social media influencer. This natural compound comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant species—the same family where THC comes from. The latter is the cannabinoid found in marijuana, which causes users to become high.

What makes CBD unique is its low THC levels. Hemp-derived CBD has less than 0.3 percent THC, so when you take a dose of this cannabinoid, there’s no risk of becoming high or overdosing from it. In 2018, CBD was legalized in all US states, and other countries followed in legalizing it. This resulted in more brands establishing themselves online, selling high-quality CBD products such as Sunday Scaries CBD gummies.

Besides its legalization, preliminary data showing encouraging results have also led to a rise in the popularity of CBD. Researchers have learned that this cannabinoid works on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The latter is a molecular system that manages bodily functions such as temperature, mood, pain, and sleep.

The ECS has its receptors moving through the mind and body to implement change, for the body to remain in a constant homeostasis state. Researchers note how CBD works by signaling to the receptors to trigger change where necessary. For example, it can activate the CB1 receptors in the mind to increase GABA levels, which causes users to feel more relaxed and freer from anxiety symptoms.

CBD’s potential benefits for sunburnt skin

Beauty insiders have been raving about CBD’s skincare benefits for a while now. Although more research is required to sustain these statements, CBD can help users with dull skin, acne problems, psoriasis, eczema, and scars.

 Various reasons have led researchers to these conclusions. For starters, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, and it can help reduce chronic inflammation and reduce the redness on the skin. When you get sunburnt, the UV rays from the sun damage the skin cells. The body reacts to this by dilating the blood vessels to increase blood flow in the area so that immune cells can reach the damaged part and start the reparation process. CBD might help manage the inflammation on the skin if it turns chronic and by diluting the redness on the area.

Its anti-inflammatory properties are also the reason for its pain management potential.

Researchers have noted how CBD can ease pain in people suffering from chronic issues like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Besides chronic pain, CBD can help with temporary pain caused by muscle tension, an intense workout, and even that induced by sunburn, which is acute and often inhibits you from doing simple things such as taking a shower or putting on clothes. 

One of the most significant issues of sunburnt skin is that it can cause cancer. When you overexpose your skin to UV rays, the cells that survive the damage end up with mutations; the body cannot repair these mutations, which is worrying because these cells can become cancerous.

As an antioxidant, CBD can provide everyday benefits to the skin by brightening it and decreasing the visibility of wrinkles, which are more prominent when there is constant sun exposure. More importantly, its antioxidant properties can lower the risk of chronic diseases, such as skin cancer. There is also early evidence suggesting that cannabinoids can slow down the onset of cancer. However, we need more research to confirm this statement.

Enjoying the sun safely

Even with such encouraging early data, no specific study pinpoints CBD as an alternative to sunscreen. So when you are planning on spending time in the sun, you must use a quality brand sunscreen and keep yourself protected by wearing hats and finding spots in the shade.

You can still use CBD for your skin by incorporating it into your skincare routine. Various professional brands are producing high-quality skincare products infused with CBD. From serums to moisturizers, you can find the cream for your skin and enjoy this cannabinoid’s benefits by using it topically.