Pros And Cons Of Being A Resident Of Alabama

Summary: Living in Alabama comes with its own price. But, there are also a few things worth appreciating here in Alabama. Let us find out the pros and cons of Alabama’s living experience. 

Author Bio: Tatiana Moore has been writing about the different states of the US for quite some time and she works as a senior researcher at Harvard University. She aspires to carry out further research about the less visited places in the US. 

European settlements started to appear in Alabama armor during the late 17th century while English traders started to frequent the river valleys throughout the shore.

Due to the natural resources widely available in the region, residents from the original colonies made their way to the west during the Mississippi territory. Alabama has never been the one to shy away from controversy. The legislature passed the human life protection act in 2019. There is a lot more to know about being a resident of Alabama. Let us discuss the pros and cons of Alabama


  • The food is a celebratory cuisine in Alabama: You have not experienced culinary desire until you have had the delicious cuisine made in Alabama. Regional restaurants make foods with butter and seafood for an experience like never before. You can also add some vegetables if you want, along with a little bit of gravy, and ask for hot sauce. When they are mixed perfectly, you can consume the entire frying pan full of deliciousness. Maximum students of Alabama university dwell on the food available on the seashore during the weekends. 

  • You have access to 60 miles of beaches throughout the gulf coast: There are some beautiful beaches waiting to be discovered when you start residing in Alabama. More than 20 million visitors come to the beach every year because many of them provide world-class experiences. Extending from Mobile Bay to the Fort Morgan Peninsula, West Beach is the best beach. Apart from that, there is the orange beach that offers 8 miles of whites sand beauty to explore with a plethora of facilities. Other than that, there is also a Dauphin Island park with incredible landscapes to see. 

  • College football is a celebratory affair here: When the fall season arises from summer in Alabama, the football season begins. If you do not know how to play football, then you better get out of the way. Football is an essential part of life in Alabama for people so it will make people skip essential events like meetings and other things. Organizations and companies close down so that people can watch football. Other than that, there is a robust fan following of High School football as well. If you want to know about Alabama pros and cons, this is one of the pros that you need to keep in mind if you plan to reside there. 

  • There are lots of festivals to enjoy in the state: There are lots of American experiences that you need to enjoy at least once in your life in Alabama. Here are lots of other fun festivals throughout the state that you can celebrate all your life when you reside in Alabama. There is the Dothan’s peanut festival, the Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo, and the Athens Grease Festival. There are other options for you if you want to consider them too. Among other pros and cons, this is something that is incredible. 


  • Some places are closed on Sunday in Alabama: The biggest Alabama cons among others in Alabama mostly have abundant the convention of stores being closed on Sundays, but parts of this tradition still exist. Most restaurants and stores closed before 10 p.m. as well. This means you need to adjust your schedule accordingly. Saturday and Friday’s nights are the times when things begin to boil up, and it is the time when most people eventually start to appreciate. 

  • Watch out for cockroaches: if you think the best infestations are worse where you live now, then you better get ready for experiencing cockroaches when living in Alabama. There are cockroaches that live in the north and tend to scurry and small located in the dark corners of your house. When you start residing in this state, you will also discover that they can easily fly at your head. 

  • The weather can change severely: There are moments when the weather in Alabama can be finicky. Among all the pros and cons of Alabama living, this is something that is a shortcoming for the residents out there. You may experience some of the unpredictable states of weather when living in there. Hurricanes are another issue that you will have to manage in this state as well. More than a dozen storms have come through in the last century as well. 

  • Alabama is one of the worst places to reside in the United States: According to the measurement of housing, health, education, safety, income, environment, access to broadband Internet, civic engagement, and jobs, Alabama ranks at the lowest. This is one of the cons that affect the students at the Alabama University as well. 

These are some of the pros and cons of living in Alabama. Though you can always focus on the brighter side, completely neglecting the darker side is not a healthy option too.