Preschool Checklist: 4 Elements of a Good School

The first few years are very important for a child in what he actually becomes. It is during this time social, mental, and emotional development takes place. Consequently during these formative years, if a child discovers the joy of learning and completes age-appropriate tasks, it is very likely that the child will fare well academically as he progresses in his educational ladder. In such a scenario besides education at home, education at preschool also acquires much greater importance.

Be it a Preschool or a Senior Secondary School, there are a few elements that can make a school different from the others. These are:

● Classroom Atmosphere
● Supportive Teachers
● Safety
● Academic Engagement

Classroom Atmosphere

The atmosphere can be defined as the pervading tone or mood of a place. The preschool children leave the comfortable environs of their home and go to school but if they find the classroom scenario unnerving, it is very likely, they will create a lot of raucous in the school. Thus it becomes necessary that the classrooms are large, airy, and well–lit. Moreover, there should be sufficient space for the children to move around without knocking each other down and also a clearly demarcated area for various activities for the children. The activity corner should be attention-catching with an attractive display of materials for tearing and pasting, coloring, craft material, etc. Preschoolers are greatly attracted to the toys and thus it is imperative that the school should have a great assortment of toys and most importantly toys catering to both girls and boys. The toys will serve the twin purpose of letting the children have fun and at the same develop social and gross and fine motor skills. Another aspect of a comfortable classroom atmosphere is the age-appropriate fixtures i.e. the class furniture requisite to the child’s need. Thus, a suitable classroom environment is one of the necessary elements of a good school as it helps a child get adjusted to the school and the other children in the school where they begin to work, eat and socialize with assurance and self-independence.

Supportive Teachers

One of the most key features of any school is its teaching staff. A healthy and supportive relationship that a teacher shares with her/his teaching is the hallmark of a good school. The desired support can only be provided if the teacher-student ratio in the class is as per the set standards and ASPAM Preschool is one such best schools in Noida that follows the standardized teacher-student ratio. We at ASPAM Preschool understand that preschool is the beginning of a student’s scholastic journey and proper, equal, and undivided attention needs to be given to all the students.

Moreover, teachers in the preschools must be amiable and approachable. Their friendly behavior towards the children will help them to shed their inhibitions and socialize with the students of their age much faster. Furthermore, the teacher’s faith in the children’s ability will enable them to learn things effectively.  Also, a teacher’s affable attitude may help a child choose activities which he/she may not be able to do by himself/herself. The teacher may assist the child to enter other children’s group and may offer him/her suggestions on ways to join the other group and keep him/her gainfully involved. The care and support policy of ASPAM Preschool, one of the best preschools in Noida is its distinctive feature.


As parents, it is natural to be worried when your child is going out for the first time. The time, when he/she would be looked after by someone other than you and be in a place which he/she is not familiar with. So in such a case, it’s absolutely obligatory that you should be aware of all the precautionary measures that are needed for the safety of your child. It is a binding requirement that the classroom has age-appropriate furniture and the fixtures of the classroom do not have any sharp edges. Besides the teacher and the co-teacher there at all times be a support staff to help your child whenever he/she goes out of the class to washroom, activity room, ground or for that matter even in the activity area within the classroom. The support staff needs to be courteous, good-natured, trained, trustworthy, and well behaved as children at this age grasp the things quickly and any kind of unwanted behavior may adversely impact the child. For the safety of the child, it is important that the preschool should preferably be on the ground floor to avoid any accidents due to climbing on to stairs, etc. Last but not the least, all classrooms, exit, and entry points must inevitably be well guarded all the time.

Academic Engagement

As a parent, it’s your priority to ascertain the academic engagements of the children specifically in the preschools as Pre-Math and literacy skills can be attained through a variety of games and activities. A plethora of activities like singing an alphabet song along with picture books, read-aloud stories, and playing with magnetic alphabet letters help to enhance literacy skills. On the other hand matching games, sorting games, counting games, and board games build children’s understanding of numbers, categories and sequence which supports Math learning with problem-solving.

Thus if a beginner of education is taught without experiential learning method, it is very likely that the child may lose interest in the furtherance of academic pursuits.

Thus one fundamental element that makes a school is the active academic engagement of the children as it will develop important skills such as taking turns, listening to others, helping one another, Interacting with other children of the same age and this will teach your child to communicate better and consequently become confident.

In Noida, there are many pre-school centers and programs but ASPAM Preschool, one of the best schools in Noida Extension, has the reputation of being one of the best Preschools in Noida having unparalleled infrastructural facilities combined with lots of care, compassion, affection, activities and the latest pedagogical practices. Thus ASPAM Preschool works on the goal as advocated by Maria Montessori that ‘The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.’