Top 10 Podcast Hacking platform: Follow Them in 2021

Summary: With threats and cybercrime all around, getting hold of podcast hacking is the need of an hour. If you want to know more about podcast hacking, this article highlights the top ones for you. 

Author Bio: Rakesh is a podcast hacker who has been researching the advancing threats in the world of technology and ever since has been documenting his experiences. He is a daily contributor to our website and is looking forward to researching more about hacking podcasts. 


With podcast hacking becoming common day by day in 2021, you need to get hold of the top 10 hackers in 2021. Follow these podcasts to know more about emerging threats and technologies.

Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries refers to an investigative podcast developed by Jack Rysider. This podcast chronicles the true stories about botnets, malware, cryptocurrency, cryptography, hackers, internet privacy, and cybercrime. There are tales from the dark side of the web that you are not aware of. The average length of an episode is 64 minutes and you can start by watching one episode per week. The podcast also delves deeper into the headlines of the latest breaches, vulnerabilities, and hacks, hence providing professional advice on how to remain safe online. 

Off The Hook

Off the hook is a hackable podcast that discusses the hacker’s perspective of the upcoming Technology along with the threats posed by developing Orwellian society. In this podcast, you can hear updates about security flaws from the perspective of the hacker, along with the most advanced news in the community of hackers. The length of an average episode is 56 minutes and you can start by watching one episode per week.


The hackable podcast is where hackers infiltrate lives with particular keystrokes. There are sketching Wi-Fi networks, malicious cat pictures, all-knowing webcams, and rogue rentals as some of the topics in hackable. Here, the hackers shed light on the extent of securities and other threats as well. This podcast is brought to the users by Global Security professionals and numerous organizations that talk about the daily struggles of data security breaches and maintaining safety online. 

Hacker Public Radio

Hacker public radio refers to a podcast that brings shows every weekday from Monday to Friday. These shows are developed by a community and they can be on any kind of topic that is interesting to hackers. The frequency of episodes is 5 episodes per week and you can start watching it at your own convenience. You get to know hacking and its threats from the perspectives of numerous professional journalists in conversation with security practitioners on securing cloud deployment, threat Intelligence, advancements, and more. 


This is a podcast that is all regarding the experience of the maker and the hacker community. Once you view the latest episodes of this podcast, you are going to know more about podcast hackers and the latest security threat and breaches in the industry of Technology. It is one of those hackable podcasts that you must need to hear in 2021. 

Breach By Carbonite

This podcast highlights the fact that hackers take all your information. This podcast digs deeper into how, why, and who of the most malicious data breaches in the world of Technology. This is hosted by a journalist called Bob Sullivan and the producer is Alia Tavakolian. If you want to know about hacking or data breaches, you need to get a hold of this podcast immediately. 

Software Engineering Daily

Software engineering daily is a podcast that narrates the stories about people hacking on interesting and weird projects. It is a podcast that will make you stay tuned to know about all the advanced updates and the world of software engineering and technology. You can go to the website of software engineering daily where you can view the world through the software lens. Make sure to learn more about hackers and their malicious threats.

The Hacker Noon Podcast

The hacker noon podcast is one of the most famous podcast hacking events that you need to know about. You need to know how hackers begin their day and this is referred to as a weekly Technology podcast that is presented by none other than hacker noon. You can also go to their website and social media accounts to know more about the latest episode and the length of episodes as well. 


Cyber is a podcast that is mainly about hackers and hacking. Apart from that, this podcast covers information about disinformation campaigns and encryption, malicious data threats, and more. Here the host talks every week to the reporters about the hacking stories they are looking forward to revealing to the industry’s most famous hackers and researchers. It is one of the biggest podcasts in the cybersecurity world where the average length of an episode is 30 minutes and they release 1 episode per week. Learn more about the hackable podcast here. 

H4unt3d Hacker

H4unt3d Hacker is a podcast that brings its users with real talk regarding cybersecurity. If you want to know how hackers see real-world events and happenings, this podcast is for you. You can also listen to this podcast from Spotify apart from the official website. The podcast is like taking you on a trip of hackers’ activities from the perspective of a security professional. The average length of an episode is 95 minutes and you can watch one episode per week as per their releasing systems. 

Winding Up

Podcast hacking is something that will leave you amazed when you get to learn more about the cybersecurity threats in the technology world. If you look forward to enhancing your knowledge in cybersecurity and know more about influence, deception, and social engineering in the cybercrime world, these podcasts will speak from the perspectives gained from thousands of hackers. Without further worry, hop into the world of hacking and cybercrime and know more about how all goes here. The above-mentioned points highlight the top 10 hackable podcasts that can make you know more about hackers in daily life.