Benefits Of Renewable Energy As An Eco-friendly Choice

Renewable energy

When it comes to the advantages of renewable energy as an eco-friendly source, there are innumerable number of benefits associated with it. Ranging from household to business benefits, there are several other advantages that you can get with the help of renewable sources of energy. Moreover, their various forms can help you harness it in … Read more

Coronavirus: Fashion industry’s fallout


The reports have come, coronavirus is negatively affecting several industries and the fashion industry is a part of it. The immediate impact coronavirus has had in the fashion industry is the cancellation of fashion shows in Asia and Europe. Also, many other fashion shows have been postponed from the spring to June. The heavier toll … Read more

‘The Invisible Man’ tops charts

Invisible man

Who said thrillers can’t top charts? The recently-launched thriller movie, ‘The Invisible Man’ just did. The new thriller movie has garnered plenty of food reviews and ratings. The story plot has been framed in such a way that it’s direct and unambiguous. The movie has earned more than $29 million from theatres in North America. … Read more

Coronavirus brings down the entertainment industry


It’s all over the news! The recent outbreak of the coronavirus in December has negatively affected various industries, including tourism, hospitality, airlines, and import and export. The incident has also taken a toll on the entertainment industry. The effect of the outbreak of the virus was immediately felt in the lucrative Chinese film industry as … Read more

Volkswagen to launch its new SUV in India

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

The SUV segment of the automobile industry in India is home to a number of models that pack plentiful features. The segment is now going to get highly competitive as Volkswagen is set to launch its new SUV Tiguan Allspace on March 6. Like most of the SUV and crossover models from Volkswagen, Tiguan Allspace … Read more

Rajinikanth’s Man vs Wild debut is breaking the internet


There’s a wave of excitement and anticipation amongst the fans of Rajinikanth as the megastar is making his first debut in Man vs Wild, the reality show hosted by Bear Grylls. Rajinikanth fans are bated with breath as the motion poster, which was recently launched, displays the megastar in an adventurous and outdoorsy look. Completing … Read more

5G Giant Nokia Reshuffles Tech Leadership And Scraps CIO Role


Telecom equipment giant Nokia has rejected the position of club chief information manager, last held through Ursula Soritsch-Renier, being part of a more extensive change about the 22 billion euro ($24 billion) business. Her duties have been portrayed by Bhaskar Gorti, the director concerning the Finnish company’s Nokia Software assembly and the group’s main digital … Read more

Tips On Choosing The Best Gym Clothes

Gym outfit

Your workout attire should work simply as hard as you do. Certainly, you would love to look great while working out. However, you additionally need them to seem great when you are pushing off your limits. If your workout clothes make your exercise uncomfortable, gym officials might restrict you in those activities that you are … Read more

5 Interesting Facts About Telecom Towers

Telecom towers

Telecom towers may seem trìvial, but they play an important role in contributing to the infrastructural development of every country (especially developing countries). Also known as mobile towers or cell towers, telecom towers are one of the most important types of utility towers. If you see any medium-height tower that has one or more transmitters … Read more

4 Disruptive Technologies To Know

Disruptive technology

There is no denying to the fact that technology has advanced to a significant extent from what it was a decade back. And the latest technologies aren’t about entertainment as they are changing the business landscape across all types of industries. From creating new business models and launching new business verticals to planning marketing strategies, … Read more

Upcoming Smartphones Of 2020

upcoming smart phones

If there is one technology gadget that you just can’t get enough of, it is smartphones. It is a known fact that the tech world sees the launch of new smartphones every once in a while. Smartphone companies all over the world launch new models regularly in order to stay on top of the game … Read more