Need to avoid using the team list in MyLeague mode in NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 is a perfect game in which MyLeague mode allows players to franchise. There are many teams in the game, but some groups are worse choices. The NBA 2K series performs very well in the field of games and sports. The characters are beautifully made. There are many options, from a variety of classic teams to a large number of customizable options.

Both modes allow players to form their team and can also become a commissioner of the alliance. However, in many groups, there are always good and evil. To reduce unnecessary troubles for players, the teams that need to be treated with caution in NBA 2K21 are listed here. I hope players can carefully consider before choosing a unit.

Teams to avoid in MyLeague mode

San Antonio Spurs

For anyone who has watched basketball for the past two decades, this sounds a bit strange, but the San Antonio Spurs are not an ideal place. Usually, when taking over a game like this, the worst part of the franchise is mediocre performance, which the Spurs are after.

They are usually a well-run organization that can take full advantage of its participants. Alas, they don’t have a lot of talent, they have expensive veterans, and their style of play seems out of place in a league that seems to have surpassed them. Even with Gregg Popovich as a great coach with a long history, it would be tedious to transfer them back.

Charlotte Hornets

Judging from the NBA rankings this season, it was evident that the Charlotte Hornets have given us a big surprise. They have hovered around .500 most of the time and are entering the playoffs. Nonetheless, this is a franchise that has been underperforming for a long time.

Not only that, but their financial situation is also weird. They paid a high price for Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier’s likes, and their overpaid vets Nicolas Batum and Bismack Biyombo couldn’t move. The only real benefit of choosing them is to play LaMelo Ball.

Washington Wizards

This team is unforgettable. When you put Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal in the same lineup, the team is likely to be exciting, score high, and possibly succeed. However, the Washington Wizards is not like this at all.

These two guys are very talented, but even if Beal is the top scorer, they didn’t reach a reasonable consensus. Both of them make a lot of money, so it isn’t easy to trade. Their only outstanding young player may be Rui Hachimura, which is a hassle.

Houston Rockets

Oh, how did the mighty people fall? Just a few years ago, the Houston Rockets felt like a legitimate threat to the Golden State Warriors. Even if they had Kevin Durant, they almost defeated them. The highlights of the lineup disappeared like James Harden and Chris Paul. Even Russell Westbrook was gone.

John Wall still exists, but he has been healthy for a while and made a lot of money until this year. Victor Oladipo is a good choice if he is healthy, but nothing more. The team has no other up-and-coming players or primary draft picks that make up the core.

Detroit Pistons

No offense to them, but no team in the league is more boring than the Detroit Pistons. They got rid of Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin for nothing, even though they were initially thought to be a combination of big men who turned the franchise around.

Without them, only Jerami Grant took an important step. Otherwise, Josh Jackson, Mason Plumlee, Killian Hayes, and Jahlil Okafor have been disappointing guys in their careers. This is a team that hasn’t been anywhere for a long time.