Need Dental X-Rays Done on Your Kid? Are They Safe?

Most people believe that for the dental problems above the gum line, there is no need for X-Rays, however, this is not true. In some cases where you are unable to see the infection, tooth decay, or damage by the naked eye, dentists often resort to X-Rays.

We all know that every parent is specifically cautious and careful when it is about their children. This is the reason why when it comes to X-rays, you often start questioning if it will be safe for your child to be exposed to high levels of radiation or not. Here, in this article, we are going to explain why dental X-rays we use today are safer for kids.

Therefore, before you decide not to get dental X-rays done on your kid, it is important you read this. Before we start discussing this, let’s talk about why your child might need a dental X-ray.

Why does your child need dental X-rays?

Unlike what you might believe, a kid can also need dental X-rays. In fact, young smiles tend to go through several unique changes and therefore might need extra caution. Sometimes even if everything is looking good outside on the surface, there can be a problem hiding down below which imagining and X-rays will reveal to the pediatric dentist. There are several things that dental X-rays can help you with –

i) Detect the infection inside the tooth or roots

ii) Detect if there is enough space for the permanent teeth to erupt

iii) Check if baby teeth are falling correctly.

iv) Check if there is any cavity issue between the two teeth.

Are dental X-Rays safe for kids?

Since this is one of the major concerns that every parent has, it is important that you know whether getting dental X-rays done on your kids is safe for them or not. Thanks to the advancements in technology, today we have digital X-rays which are designed to use 90% less radiation than the old traditional ones. In addition to being safe, these digital X-rays are known to produce higher quality images which allow dentists to get a view of the problem without putting kids at risk.

A proper view of the oral cavity will help your dentist create an accurate treatment plan. In addition to being safe and sound, these digital X-rays also allow one to store the images electronically for future reference.

So, if your child’s pediatric dentist recommends you to get dental X-rays done for your child, all you need to do is trust them since they know what they are doing and they will never harm your kid, Today, the X-rays take only one-tenth of a second which makes sure that the kid experience the minimal radiation exposure.


In the end, we would like to say that if your kid’s dentist is recommending dental X-rays, there is nothing to worried about. With the new technology and digital x-ray machines, your child will not be exposed to radiation for more than one-tenth of the second. We hope that you understand that and never take any decision regarding your child’s health in rush. Think through and trust your doctor if you want your kid to be healthy. In case, you have any more questions regarding the same, you can contact Baker Pediatric Dentistry and they will help you with all the answers.