Mouse breaker Games Offering Fun Like Never Before!Mouse breaker Games Offering Fun Like Never Before!

Mouse breaker games are one of the most popular platforms for casual gaming. It found recognition for sports-related games, especially football. A few games to name include ‘Blast Billiards’, ‘Camper Strike’, ‘Flash Cricket’, and the list continues! The games are available in the English language and are loved by people from all over the world!

The sports section of the Mouse breaker games sees maximum attention from the players, and if we could pinpoint what has led to maximum crowd gathering, it has to be football-related games. A few games like the ‘Blast Billiards’, Flash Cricket, and Camper Strike as talked about above were so popular that it got a unique domain as well with ‘Play A Pal’ and ‘Play for Your Club’, under registration with Mouse breaker. 

This gaming platform was found in the UK by Richard Pendry and Alick Stott. Their excellent provision helped their site gain a high reputation. You will be surprised to hear about the popularity of this platform as there were more than 4,500,000 users per month. Later on, IPC media owned by Time Warner, a UK publisher bought this website for some big bucks. This move led to Mouse breaker becoming a part of the 18 to 24 age group that helped in increasing the reach of these games. Eventually, Mouse breaker was then sold to Spil Games. 

The Mouse breaker games started with the basic game of penalty shooting and later expanded the number of games and popularity as well! It launched in 2001 and since then has gained fame like never before. By 2003 itself, the founders Pendry and Stott were enjoying the profits from this gaming platform as their main and only source of income. This is when they began to work on this full-time. You can imagine how beneficial it must have been for them. It all started as a hobby and later turned on to be their means of making a living. 

The games present on this platform are loved by people of all ages. It is an entertaining way to spend leisure time and especially if you are a sports lover, you are in for a treat!

Mouse breaker has a list of needs for third party flash developers that are easy to play but difficult to master. In 2009, Mouse breaker was in a partnership with CobraMobile in order to bring forward their titles through the App Store to the Apple gadgets. Apple approved ‘Blast Billiards Touch’ in 2009, and then there were many other versions launched later on. From 2010 onwards, Mouse breaker collaborated with a new gaming partner know as that included the cash section. A game known as ‘Pinch Hitter’ became super visited in the year 2010. 

There is no doubt that the creators of the Mouse breaker games were thorough experts and had great knowledge in this aspect. You might wonder what makes Mouse breaker differ from other platforms. The answer is very easy! It offers a top-notch quality gaming experience like never before. The games are user-friendly and can be easily understood by all. For people who wonder what has to be done on the weekends and are bored with their mundane schedules, Mouse breaker games are a must-try!

Since Mouse breaker games can be easily played on the mobile phone, you can access the games while sitting anywhere you want. You can be sitting in your room or be traveling on public transport, no matter what, playing these games is easily possible! This is an added beauty of the platform. 

It has been years now that Mouse breaker as a gaming platform has been established. It speaks volumes about it as, despite several years passing by, the popularity it still has is incredible. The true gamers swear by Mouse breaker and appreciate this platform for being a great one. If you a gaming fanatic and still have not tried these games out, it is high time you do! There is no match for the quality of games, and it is no surprise that players who started playing earlier are still intact on this platform. 

If you are a game lover, this is going to be a treat for you. We bet once you start playing, you are going to become an avid player on this platform. Moreover, after trying Mouse breaker games, it is guaranteed that you will recommend it to your friends and family too. These games are just pure fun and offer a breath of fresh air in terms of gaming options. It is certainly different from what all already exists. 

These online games have options for everyone. If you are not a sports fan and wish to try other games, it is very much possible. Mouse breaker is going to be a satisfying experience for all the gamers out there. 


Get, set, and go! Let this novel gaming experience begin for you all!