4 Disruptive Technologies To Know

There is no denying to the fact that technology has advanced to a significant extent from what it was a decade back. And the latest technologies aren’t about entertainment as they are changing the business landscape across all types of industries. From creating new business models and launching new business verticals to planning marketing strategies, top companies all over the world now use the power of disruptive technologies to inform their decision.

Are you interested in learning about new technologies that have a significant impact on the overall world? If yes, you have come to the right place and here we discuss some of the disruptive technologies of today:

Data science

In today’s technology-driven world, data is what matters the most. What’s most interesting to know is the availability of user data is now more than ever before. And more data means bigger opportunities for businesses of all types.

Data science, in essence, is all about assessing pools of user data and deriving actionable insights from them. Top businesses all over the world use the insights generated from the data for several purposes such as revamping business model, increasing customer engagement on online platforms, changing product designs, and many more. Data science has now become such a profitable niche that techies with data science skills such as data analytics, data mining, and data consolidation are in huge demand.


Encrypted security and easy accessibility in the online world were two separate verticals until blockchain technology came along. In simple words, blockchain technology consists of a chain of blocks that can store information. The unmatched security and accessibility of information that blockchain technology offers have made it one of the most disruptive technologies. Top companies all over the world now use blockchain technology to their advantage in several ways.

Block chain technology
A concept showing a network of interconnected blocks of data depicting a cryptocurrency blockchain data on a dark background

For example, online music streaming company, Spotify uses blockchain technology to build secure and dynamic connections between music artists and license agreements. Another example is, technology company Accenture, with its blockchain solutions, makes it possible for insurance companies to make the insurance industry processes more seamless and secure.

Block chain technology is now used in almost all industries such as finance, insurance, retail, healthcare, real estate, entertainment, and supply chain and logistics.

Internet of things

Internet of things is another disruptive technology that is changing the landscape of several different industries. The concept of internet of things is pretty simple, and it is to connect devices to the internet and to other devices. Till date, the interconnectivity of a large number of devices has made Internet of things a large network.

Some of the common devices that are compatible with the internet of things network include smart home cameras, wearables, and smart car sensing technologies. The best part of about internet of thing is both individuals and large companies can use the technology for their benefit. One simple example of internet of things in use is suppose if you have installed an internet of things-enabled smart door camera in your home. The camera can detect unusual faces and activities and automatically alert you on your smartphone and computer. If automated further, the camera may call the emergency services such as police or hospital.

AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the top disruptive technologies that we have today. Artificial intelligence is highly-intelligent computer systems that use embedded instructions to make decisions without manual human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence

The immense benefits that artificial intelligence brings has made the technology popular and ubiquitous. If you want to see the technology in use, look no further than in your own smartphone. All smartphone manufacturers now have their own virtual assistance that are integrated into their smartphone models. For example, Apple heavily depends on artificial intelligence technology to consistently improve its virtual assistant Siri.

Machine learning forms the backbone of the artificial intelligence technology. With machine learning technology, computing systems are able to gather more information from the data sets available. Apple’s Siri is designed to use machine learning to continuously improve in understanding human speeches and answers human questions in the most precise way possible.

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