Mix Your Home Décor With Different Textures, Patterns, and Colors

A beautiful house becomes breath-taking by the details and efforts put into the home décor. However, time invested, money, and space are not the determinate but the combinations that go with all that. For your house, office, or apartment to look amazing and professionally done, we will take you through ideas that will assist you in bringing out the beauty of the house and make it look professionally done.

The Foundation

Any foundation of home decor always starts with a plain canvas, which can be either the wall, the floor, the type of doors around the house, or even furniture. The decor job then starts with the simplicity and the neutral colors chosen. The purpose of neutral and simple colors on items that are normally not changed often is to create room for the addition of different patterns and textures to bring out the house’s beauty.

Most people prefer to stick to what they know best. In most cases, people get scared of mixing their home decor with different textures, colors, and even patterns. With that, they end up having a one-dimensional space. However, if it’s your first time trying out mixing, you can start small. You can start with your pillows, such as accent pillows on either a bed or a sofa.

You can also blend your neutral colors by simply mixing simple and complex colors without overdoing them for an elegant look. Having a mix and match blend of colors can also improve the visualization of the rooms, but don’t use too much of it.

To further bring out the individuality in your home decor, the use of accessories like pillows and artwork for the wall further reveals the house’s character. These accessories are the best to use in the addition of different textures and patterns.

Having a Touch and Feel of Your Room

Having a neutral canvas as the foundation will give you room to touch up and give your room identity. This can make a huge difference. You are using natural wood textures, furs, metals and fabrics, and many more. However, the most common detail in the home decor area is mixing patterns and textures using pillows and curtains and making them some of the most important home decor accessories.

A room often gets its warmth from wood, while metal brings a pop of color. The type of wood and the design of the doors and other furniture using wood, such as bedroom doors, sliding barn doors, and even cabinets doors, have to be in tune with your decor to bring out the warmth within

Stick to the Same Family of Colors

When adding more pop to your decor, add shades of the same family to avoid the chaotic outlook when using different colors and patterns that do not accommodate the foundational color. A minimum of at least three accent colors. Using dark and light colors is also a great way to collaborate and complement additional colors.

Adding the Patterns

Several patterns can be added, including polka dots, stripes, and chevron. However, the trick to an amazing outcome is the proper use of these patterns and the scale of what to use. For instance, there is an option of using the same designs but different sizes of the same color or other patterns.

However, it is important to have limits and scales on what you will be using. This caution is there to help you, so you do not go overboard with the patterns and colors. Similarly, natural linens and faux furs can help break the monotony of being too matchy-matchy.

Final Touch

The final touch of home decor involves adding more personal effects with memorabilia. When adding this, use frames with either metal, wood, coral, or class to complement your room and softener items.

Your home decor never looked better. With the above tips, you can have your home looking like the decor was done by a professional. It’s easy and simple. With the right attitude, good planning, and being open-minded to incorporating bold colors will, in a big way, showcase the character of your house and bring out your personality.