Rajinikanth’s Man vs Wild debut is breaking the internet

There’s a wave of excitement and anticipation amongst the fans of Rajinikanth as the megastar is making his first debut in Man vs Wild, the reality show hosted by Bear Grylls.

Rajinikanth fans are bated with breath as the motion poster, which was recently launched, displays the megastar in an adventurous and outdoorsy look. Completing the motion picture is the host himself, Bear Grylls; a safari-style jeep serves as a perfect background to complement the adventurous look of both personalities.

The motion picture, with a 15-second duration, doesn’t fail to evoke interest with dramatic visuals and background music. Not only that, the host himself tweeted the motion poster which took fans of both personalities by storm. Bear Grylls spoke high of Rajinikanth saying working with the superstar is a unique and special experience in itself.


Seeing the exciting Twitter announcement by Bear Grylls, Rajinikanth fans just couldn’t keep calm. The tweet was flooded by likes, comments, and retweets.

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Rajinikanth has always welcomed new challenges throughout his professional career and that in itself is his success mantra. The superstar has a strong association with action and adventure, and his fans are surely going to love the energy that he will be displaying in the show.

This big announcement from Bear Grylls comes after he featured Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the show. Bear Grylls has also shot adventurous episodes with some of the top celebrities, including Roger Federer, former president Barack Obama, Julia Roberts, and Kate Winslet.

It was reported that Rajinikanth suffered minor injuries when shooting for the blockbuster episode at the Bandipur forest in Karnataka. However, it’s not much of a concern as minor injuries are inevitable when in the wild. Several reports hold that the megastar tripped over a lantana bush during the shoot.

Man vs Wild is one of the reality shows that have stayed true to its original concept throughout the years. The deal with the immense popularity of Man vs Wild is the reality show is interesting as well as informative. It teaches all the necessary skills essential to surviving in the wild. The survival skills showcased in the reality show can help any adventure seekers overcome a number of challenges when in the wild.

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