Low-Cost Bug Tracking Software For Your Startup

Is the app development team focusing more on bug fixes than on releasing new features to better your products? If you answered yes, you should think about using a bug monitoring app.


Error monitoring software, also known as fault tracking software, is used to keep track of glitches and defects that consumers and internal users report in software or smartphone apps. It contains things like when the bug was detected, who reported it, and a rundown of the mistake. Your production team will use this knowledge to determine the nature of the bugs and prioritize their resolution.


However, purchasing bug management tools that lack the required capabilities or have redundant features will just waste resources and increase your IT costs rather than reduce them. Check out a free bug detection app to stop such a confrontation. You’ll have a better understanding of the requirements, and you’ll be able to update later if necessary.


To assist you in getting started, we’ve compiled a list of the best free bug monitoring software solutions and detailed descriptions of their capabilities.


1. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a project management application that uses its Story functionality to help manage glitches. You may use this function to describe a bug, allocate it to a developer, and monitor its development. You will look up the links between bug requests. For example, if bug A must be fixed before bug B. On a Kanban-style dashboard, you can also install attachments, leave remarks, and monitor all ticket operations.


The clubhouse will be a good bug monitoring platform for you if you employ an Agile project management approach like Kanban or Scrum. It has features that support Agile principles. It allows you to run Scrum sprints for project projects, breaking them down into achievements, epics, and narratives, and it also allows you to monitor your progress.


2. Zohobug Tracker

It helps you to run Scrum sprints for project assignments and imagine them on an Agile board by breaking them down into achievements, epics, and tales. It also provides velocity and burndown maps to assist in the management of Agile projects.


Zoho BugTracker is one of the best bug management tools that allows you to record information such as what needs to be fixed, who is assigned to the request, and when it will be solved. This information can be used as a list or as Kanban cards. Filters such as assignee, due date, and status can be used to configure the card display. You will also get email updates on the bug resolution status by exporting this information as an XLS or CSV file.


How do you pick the best bug management tools for your company?

These factors will assist you in making a more informed decision about software:


Make inquiries. Make a checklist to compare products based on specifications, prices, and other aspects that are important to your market. You can also search customer feedback and read reviews from actual app customers on Capterra’s bug management tools tab.


Put the tools to the test. To learn more about the tool’s special capabilities, overall costs, protection, and data privacy protections, and service choices, schedule a demo with the app provider.


Examine the cost of an upgrade. With the tech vendor, go through the various price options to see if the updated expense is within the budget. Inquire for any additional fees, such as priority assistance, preparation, or data migration.


Inquire about integration possibilities. For bug detection apps, integrations are important. Project management, ticketing, and record management systems are some of the most popular. Often check with the tech vendor to see how their tool works with the current programs. Check to see if the provider has an API so you can create your own integrations.