Lockdown Browser Download: Getting Around Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus is one of the most sought-after tools for e-learning assessment in the USA. It is actually a software program designed to ensure an examinee’s identity and maintain the academic integrity of online test environment. In a nutshell, it functions like a neutral examiner on a digital platform that allows course participants and students to take exams from anywhere in the world.

In this article, we will elaborate on 5 tips on how to get around Lockdown browser.

A Deep Insight into Respondus Lockdown Browser

A Respondus Monitor works like a proctoring software. It uses a web cam and a lockdown browser to protect the integrity of online exams.

Respondus Lockdown Browser is the kind of browser developed and customized by the learning management system that lets both teachers and students lock the online exam testing environment. But it is possible to get around the browser.

In the next section, we will be going to explain the tricks on how to bypass lockdown browser.

How to Bypass Lockdown Browser?

Download LockDown Browser: If your examiner requires Respondus Browser for an online exam, you have to download and install the software first. It is available on both Windows and Mac OS. A link specific to your institution is provided. If needed, you can find a video that explains how to install the browser.

Start the Browser: After you install the browser, the “Lockdown Browser” icon will appear on your computer screen. If you are a MAC user, you can locate the icon in Application folder. Windows users should follow the steps below:

Start>>All Programs>>t ‘Respondus’>>”Respondus Lockdown Browser”

Login to Your Course and Choose Your Exam: After you open Lockdown Browser, the login page of the institution’s learning management system will open automatically. Enter your user ID and password to log in and navigate to your exam area.

Start Your Exam: Click on start exam and start taking your online exam.

How Does Lockdown Respondus Browser Work?

As soon as you login and the exam commences, you will no longer be able to open, copy, print or access other web contents on your computer. You will also be prevented from instant messaging, web searches or minimizing the browser. You will be prohibited from using hundreds of other functions.

In other words, you will be locked in a virtual examination hall that is designed to imitate the surveillance system in a real classroom. After you finish your exam, you can exit the browser and their system will revert to normal condition.

If you need to exit the browser before submission for any reason – for example, poor internet connection or emergency – the browser will require you to enter the reason for early exit. These features make it difficult to get around the Lockdown Respondus browser easily.

How to Bypass Lockdown Browser?

Disclaimer: Bypassing Lockdown Respondus browser is actually kind of cheating. We are not encouraging the examinees to resort to any unfair means in the exam and in no way, are responsible for the consequences that you may face after applying the information in the article.

Respondus Lockdown Browser Bypass 2020: In the next section, we will provide step-by-step guide to show you how to cheat on Lockdown browser webcam and disclose the questions in a testing ambience.  

Use Alt+Tab: This key combination is pressed to switch between the windows. It will allow you to spam left and right alt to dig out answers to the questions in the exam. Simply paste the information in the free-response section.

Hold Alt + (Tap Constantly) Tab + Right Alt Key. A display box will appear at the middle of the screen. From there, you can easily go to search panel and search for anything pertaining to your exam.

Use Another Device: You can use another smartphone or computer during exam. We would recommend that you should use a mobile phone instead of a computer, coz it will be easy to operate. Place it below your computer screen. Connect your cellphone to an external mouse through an OTG connector. With help of the mouse, you can use your smartphone like a computer.

Use Desktops.exe: A computer desktop allows you to divide its screen into four equal-sized screens and use each of them for different applications.  You can use this feature to your advantage and get around MAP testing lockdown. It works only for Windows OS.

It creates several processes of a single desktop process. You can then use hot keys to switch between the separated windows. But you must run it before any lockdown program commences.

If the application is not built in your operating system, download it here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/desktops.

Use Virtual Machine: It is the best Lockdown Browser hack in 2020. The advantage of having a virtual system is you can run several operating systems on a single computer.

The best trick to cheat with a Lockdown Respondus browser is to virtualize your system. It will enable you to use multiple VM software. We highly recommend Windows 8 (Vmware fusion), Oracle VM or MS Dreamspark.

First install a VM. Edit registry to make it look like a real system. You can take your exam by using your own OS while using VM to access other sections of your machine. You can run the Respondus browser on VM.

Using Second User on MAC: Follow the step-by-step guide as presented below:

1st Step: Create another user account on your MAC system. Don’t use more than 6 characters for password as you may not find it easy to input in a long password.

2nd Step: Install keyboard Maestro Editor, the best software for MacOS automation.

3rd Step:Crete a Macro to trigger a fast user switch

  • Click View> Macros> Record Macro
  • Assign a name to the Macro.
  • Click Button to run your macro when you will click a button

Now, when you will be taking a test in Lockdown browser, you can browse the internet or perform anything you wish just by triggering a fast user switch. You won’t have to exit the browser.

Additional Note: You should create a Macro in the second user for the first user switch so that you can quickly get back to the browser. You should also create a Macro to clip my system clipboard to a file so that you can view the questions while in the second user.


Keep in mind that the system is very intelligent and can detect any illegal practices and warn you about your “suspicious behavior”. The browser uses an examinee’s webcam as an eye tracker that can easily see if he/she guises off-screen or the system is unattended for a period of time.