Upcoming Smartphones Of 2020

If there is one technology gadget that you just can’t get enough of, it is smartphones. It is a known fact that the tech world sees the launch of new smartphones every once in a while. Smartphone companies all over the world launch new models regularly in order to stay on top of the game as the smartphone industry is now competitive as never before.

2019 saw the release of plenty of smart phones with cutting-edge features never seen before. Top flagship smartphones such as the OnePlus 7, Samsung Galaxy S10, and Apple iPhone 11 took the smartphone market by storm with their all-screen design combined with the latest features and operating systems.

2020 is going to be no different; the news of the upcoming smartphone models have already surfaced the internet. It’s safe to expect faster performance, better battery life, superior camera capabilities, new under-display tech, and more immersive viewing experience in these top upcoming smartphones:

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

If there is one smartphone company that just doesn’t stop innovating its flagship models, it is Xiaomi. Although not an old company, Xiaomi was able to gain a strong foothold in the smartphone industry by packing its models with innovative features, all bundled under affordable prices.

Xiamo Mi Mix 4

As compared to other series, Xiaomi hasn’t been consistent with their Mix series as the last Mix model was launched in 2018. However, that doesn’t mean the company has ditched the series. In fact, there have been rumours of a new Mix model known as Mi Mix 4. One of the biggest features of this new model is speculated to be the notchless, curved display that will house an in-display front camera. Tech experts have speculate this model to pack new under-display features.

Oneplus 8

Oneplus smartphones have made a niche for themselves in the ever-competitive global smartphone industry. The latest OnePlus model, OnePlus 7 has been a big hit as it packs a punch with all new under-display features. Coming with more feature updates is OnePlus 8, the successor of the latest model.

Full specifications of Oneplus 8: https://www.gadgetsnow.com/mobile-phones/OnePlus-8-Pro

The new model is expected to carry all the features of its predecessor, including a highly responsive in-display fingerprint scanner, punch hole front camera, and quad rear camera setup.

Google Pixel 5

Google’s Pixel is a head-to-head competitor of the Samsung Galaxy S series and the Apple iPhones. 2019’s Pixel 4 lineup did good in the global smartphone market, and Google is up for more with Pixel 5.

Google pixel 5

The Google Pixel is speculated to hit the markets with improved camera, new body colours, faster charging, triple camera setup in the rear, and OLED display panel. The Pixel 5 lineup is speculated to include the base model Pixel 5 and its range-topping variant Pixel 5 XL.

Samsung S20

As part of continuing their Galaxy S legacy, Samsung is all set to launch a new model in this series. But what’s most surprising to know it’s the new model is speculated to be named as S20, and not S11, as previously predicted. Many tech experts have speculated that the new Galaxy S20 Will borrow some of the features of the Galaxy note series, including the new punchole camera.

As per some of the leaked images, the galaxy S20 is speculated to sport a quad camera setup in the rear. The notchless display combined with edge display display will give the upcoming Galaxy S20 an immersive viewing experience.

Apple iPhone 12

One of the highly revered smartphone in the global market, the iPhone, is expected to be launched with several new features. The new iPhone 12 is speculated to come along with two pro variants with slightly low prices. Design-wise, the new iPhones of 2020 are expected to sport a display with smaller notch. Some reports even say that the new iPhone 12 line up may get rid of the notch.

Apple Iphone 12

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Expect improved camera performance, wireless charging, faster multitasking, improved gaming performance, and better battery life in the upcoming iPhones. Also, there have been plenty of reports about the iPhone SE 2. iPhone SE was a big hit as the model packed powerful features in a compact body. Although there’s no surety, Apple’s release of a new iPhone SE will surely revive the compact display niche in the global smartphone market.