10 Must-Have Tech Gadgets & Accessories In 2020

It’s 2020, and you cannot do without the trending tech gadgets at your disposal. Whether it’s for getting your work done or spending free time, the latest tech gadgets do not fail to keep up with your requirements.

Here’s a list of top tech gadgets and accessories that are a must-have:


Gone are the days when you have to look at your phone every time a new notification pops. And doing this can be bothersome when you are busy or are travelling. The easy fix? Use a smartwatch. Modern smartwatches are designed to be compatible with most smartphones.

Also, the latest smartwatches have a smooth and lag-free user interface which enables you to access all your phone-based tasks on-the-go. Pair a Bluetooth headphone, reply to texts, set alarms and reminders, and do more with a modern smartwatch!

Fitness tracker

Keeping up with your fitness regime has never been easier, thanks to modern fitness trackers that pack an array of features. Easy to wear, the latest fitness bands make it easy for you to record your fitness progress such as calories burnt and hours spent sleeping.

fitness tracker

Pair a fitness tracker with a health app and level up with your fitness progress. Choose a fitness tracker with touch screen interface and long battery life to make sure it provides and records all your health information as and when needed.

Wireless headphone/earphone

The thought of enjoying an immersive audio experience on your headsets certainly interests every music lover. But it can be a bummer when you have to deal with tangled-up headset cables.

However, with a wireless headset, you can say goodbye to this issue. Pairing instantly with your smartphone, the latest wireless headsets lets you enjoy your favourite music the hassle-free way.

Bluetooth speaker

Similar to wireless headsets, a Bluetooth speaker doubles the fun of listening to your favourite tunes without the hassle of dealing with wires. Whether listening to music alone in your room or when partying with your best buddies, a high-quality and high fidelity Bluetooth speaker will not let you down.


To best enjoy your favourite music the wireless way, choose a Bluetooth speaker with a stereo sound and high bass response. Also, factor in portability when shopping for one.

Magnetic breakaway USB connector

What if you could connect and disconnect your phone’s USB cable in a quick and hassle-free way? With a magnetic breakaway USB connector, you can. The magnetic breakaway design of these types of cables makes it easy to connect/disconnect your phone/PC/laptop for charging and data transfer.

Wireless charger

2020 marks a new step towards the move to a wireless future. And what better way there is to be a part of this journey than by switching to a wireless charger. Unlike regular chargers, wireless chargers have a simple yet intuitive place-and-charge system. In other words, you simply have to place your phone on top of the charger in order to charge it.

However, one important point to remember is not all smartphones are compatible with wireless chargers. Most flagship, high-end smartphones from 2019 have wireless technology compatibility. So, if you have a smartphone that supports wireless charging, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make use of it. Camera gimbal
Want to step up in your photography and videography game? You cannot go wrong with a camera gimbal. If you haven’t heard of this gadget, it’s an accessory that stabilises camera movements. Regardless of how you want to take the shots, holding your camera with a gimbal will help you take professional-level videos. Gimbals are available for smartphones as well.

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Pop socket

Nobody wants their phone to slip off from their hands and shatter. But that’s not avoidable. What you can do is lower your odds by using a pop socket. The accessory attaches at the back of your smartphone and provides a firm grip over your treasured gadget.

VR headset

A VR headset is undoubtedly ‘the’ gadget that offers the best immersive viewing experience from your smartphone. Be it watching movies or playing games, VR headsets are now ruling the tech market in the immersive viewing experience sector. The best part? VR headsets are affordable, have a simple working mechanism, and last for a long period of time.

VR headset

Gaming console

If you love playing games, then a dedicated gaming console is a must-have for you. Modern gaming consoles come in all shapes and sizes. You can get your hands on a portable gaming console or a full-stack one. Whatever your choice, you are sure to get entertained with the latest gaming console.