LanguageNoBar helping companies connect better with their audience through multilingual blog strategy

Today, businesses of all shapes and sizes have the opportunity to cater their content to people across the globe. However, not everyone speaks and understands the same language. Each language holds the key to culture and these differences in the languages exist because each culture interprets things differently.

Translation and Localization have thus become very integral to content creation and multilingual blog strategy. As native languages play an important role for customers when it comes to making purchase decisions, companies interested in reaching this massive market should consider going multilingual by opting for quality translation through a professional translation services company in India. LanguageNoBar is one of the reputable translation companies that offers translation, transcription and localization services through native translators who are experts in their respective languages and domains and deliver projects at rapid turn-around time.

 “To hit the target audience, a blog must touch the heart of the end-customer, and what better way than telling a story in customer’s mother-tongue! We don’t merely translate content but also ‘localize’ it to the target geography’s culture and dialect.  LanguageNoBar is one of the very few ISO 17100 certified LanguageService Providers (LSP) that offers specialized and accurate multilingual translation services in 150+ languages. With expertise in all professional domains including Medical, Pharma, Legal, Technical, Market Research and others, the company hosts a team of 10000+ professional native translators and offers services in all the languages that you can think of!”, says the Founder, Sourav Jandial.

Thorough knowledge of translation and subject is required for precise and consistent blog translation and the proficient translators and the efficient project management team of LanguageNoBar provide translations in quick turnaround time, without compromising the quality. Here are some other reasons how LanguageNoBar has been helping businesses with a multilingual blog strategy:

  1. Wider Audience Reach : Creating the blog content in the native language of the audience and adapting it has helped businesses reach more people from around the world as users are more likely to purchase a product/service if catered to them in their native language.


  1. Better Brand Recognition : People tend to feel more comfortable with and place more trust in brands that offer information and content in their language. Being able to read and comprehend what is written on the blog through meaningful translations, LanguageNoBar has helped brands to earn trust of their customers. 
  1. Higher SEO ranking: By translating a blog for a multilingual audience, LanguageNoBar has also boosted the SEO ranking of many organizations as non-English speakers often search for information in their native languages; in turn driving traffic from specific locations all around the world.

Writing good content (content writing technique) and making it global requires a lot of preparation. So, how does a certified translation company like LanguageNoBar prepare for going multilingual? 

  1. Conducting a thorough market research: Mastering multilingual blog strategy takes time and resources. That is why LanguageNoBar conducts a thorough market research to assess whether your content will appeal to people of different cultures or not.


  1. Understanding your core message: Your brand message strengthens your company’s values and reputation to the outside world and allows you to resonate with your ideal audience. LanguageNoBar ensures that your brand stands out from your competitors by strengthening and understanding your brand message and ascertains that your translated go-to-market messages and content remain consistent. 
  1. Localizing your content the right way: It is important to adapt your content to the needs of the audience without straying away from your core message. A professional translation companylike LanguageNoBar ensures that the message is readable and understandable in the target language, by adapting it to the local tastes of the customers. By finding the right translator considering your target dialect, intended audience, domain and much more, LanguageNoBar delivers flawless translated quality, best suited for your requirements. 

Being a premium document translation company in India, LanguageNoBar follows a multi-tier QA policy which helps the company to deliver flawless and accurate translation services. The document is first translated by native translator, then proofread and reviewed by the senior translator, after which their quality team analyses and scrutinizes to deliver an error-free translated blog content. This multi-step inspection gives an edge to LanguageNoBar over others and makes it one of the most trusted translation companies in India. This expertise and experience has allowed the company to deliver high quality translation faster than anyone else in this industry. Not only this, LanguageNoBar assures that the confidential information is not shared with the third party or misused by anyone. As one of the most flexible language service providers, the company is always available and ready to adapt to every translation need and has a support team that works round the clock to assist one with all their queries. 

Providing your blog content in multiple languages will help you grow your potential audience and investing in the right translation agency will help you to boost your visibility globally! 

About the company:

LanguageNoBar is a certified Language translation Service Provider, offering professional and quality translation and localization services in 150+ languages to various corporate clients and business organizations. The company has a network of over 10,000 native translators who are subject experts and provide excellent, accurate, error-free translations with the utmost confidentiality and transparent workflow.