Know 10 Ways to Play Fable 2 on Your PC

Want to play Fable 2 on your PC but cannot do it because your system has no Xbox 360? We will show you 10 ways how to play it on your computer.

Fable 2 is an action-packed video game. You can play it from anywhere in the world. It runs only on Xbox 360. This thrilling game came from the den of Lionhead Studios that released several popular games on Xbox 360, including the Fable series and Black and White.

Fable II is a famous game developed in late 2008. The main platform to play the game is Xbox 360. But what if you don’t have it? It is still possible to play the game.

Fable III was launched in 2011 on the Steam and Games platform for Windows but Steam was called off in 2015. Still, many gamers download this game on Steam. The gaming geeks who are desperate to play Fable have a request to the developers to introduce the series on PC. In the next section, we will show you how to play Fable 2 on PC.

Xbox Play

It is a recent addition to Windows 10 on its latest anniversary version. You don’t need to worry about not having Xbox Play app on your system. There is an easy way out. Remember that the trick won’t work on Windows 7, 8 or Windows XP. So, if you have other versions of Windows, it will not work and you have to upgrade your system to Windows 10. The hitch is not all versions of Windows 10 will suffice.

To fix the hindrance and get Xbox Play on your PC, you need to update your Windows OS to the Windows Anniversary Edition. This fix is not applicable to a system that does not support Windows. Don’t fret; other fixes will work for you.

After completing the aforementioned step, open the Xbox Play app and log into your Xbox account on the same.  All games from Xbox 360 will be accessible on your computer. You can now play Fable II without any emulator or console.

ReworkedGames Installed

It is a straightforward way to enable you to play Fable II without having Xbox on your PC. But I will always recommend Xbox Play or Xbox Emulator. If you want to use emulator to download the game on your computer, you must have the following specifications in your system:

  • A 64-bit OS
  • 3 GB RAM
  • A GeForce GTX Video Card
  • 14GB of Free Space on Your HD
  • A Core i2 CPU

Go to Search for Fable II. Download the 3GB zipped file from the site. After download is done, unzip the file to your computer desktop. Run PC installer.exe file. With the online installer, download the full game and after it is done, game installation is complete. You can now play Fable II on your computer.

Xenia Emulator

It is similar to Xbox Play and works on PC, provided you have a digital copy of the game on your Xbox 360. It works across all versions of Windows and all personal computers. You can get a hard copy of Fable II. For that, you need to download the game of more than 7.2GB in size. Download from Google or OneFile, either of them will be fine. After this step is complete, download X360 Emulator (the latest version of Xenia Emulator) from the official site.

Create a folder. Extract the downloaded ZIP file into it. Connect an Xbox 360 controller to your system. In case, you have no controller, install X360CE on your computer. You will now be able to use any controller; thanks to the software as it will make your computer think that whatever controller is connected to your PC is actually a 360 controller.

Go ahead to launch XENIA application and run Fable II via the file menu on XENIA Emulator. To use it, your system must have an 8GB RAM and 128GB free storage space. In other words, you must have a very powerful system for the fix.

X360 Version

Another fix! Though easy but unreliable! For this fix, you just need an X360 controller. Download the X360 version of Fable II and install it on your computer. You can now play the game with X360 controller.

Fable II PC Crack

You can get the cracked version of the Xbox game on some sites. Just install Fable 2 PC Crack on your PC and play Fable II. You just need to search the cracked version of Fable II on the internet. 

Using GameBridge

With it, your PC will function like a TV. Connect the cables to X360 on your PC and play Fable II as if you are playing the game on your television. Install the software and connect the camcorder to your PC and play the game.

RG Games Repack Torrent

Though it will enable to play Fable II on your PC, it is not a trusted fix. Install the latest version of the Rip games. Extract the game files into Fable II game folder on your computer. Replace the files that need to be replaced in order to launch the game.

Settle for Alternatives

Alternatives such as, Fable Lost Chapters or Fable of the Kingdom 2 can play on your computer without tweaks much better than Fable II can do. Though they have different storylines, they share lots of similarities with Fable II and all of them belong to the same series.

Torrent Download

Torrent sites and apps have loads of impressive features. These features enable you to get the games not meant to be on a user’s PC. Search Fable II torrent download in Google. Check the available torrent sites with Fable II in their packages for PC. The tweaked version of Fable II on torrent sites is also available, which make it easier for users to install and download it.  

Fable III

If any of the aforementioned fixes failed to work on your computer, then you can switch to Fable III. You can play Fable 2 Steam on your computer. You can buy Fable III from Amazon. Go to Steam app, check for the option that asks to add the game and click to add. If you are buying it from Amazon, you need to activate the code provided by Amazon. Steam downloads the game for you to play.