Is the secret society Illuminati real? 6 things to know

If you’ve ever gone through the list of catalogs for documentaries, especially niche documentaries, you’ll know that there are no shortages of conspiracy theories. And among several conspiracy theories, the Secret Society Illuminati is one of the most popular. 

You may have come across articles, documentaries, and short explanatory videos about the Illuminati but may not have yet come to the conclusion of whether or not it’s real. If you are curious to know about it, you’ve come to the right page. 

Here, we have dissected the theories, analyzed them, and come to conclusions. Read on:

Symbol With Secret Meaning

A short history of the Secret Society Illuminati

Many people have the misconception that the Illuminati, however, the facts speak otherwise. The concept of the Illuminati is not new, in fact, it dates back to as early as the 18 century. Historians believe that it was a German law professor named Adam Weishaupt Who was one of the firsts to form the Secret Society Illuminati that believed in enlightenment ideals. 

Early secret societies that operated under the Illuminati concept focused on excluding the church from the public space. These Secret Society Illuminati believed in alternate ideas that would go against the church. Think of them as similar to anti-government communities and idealists. 

1. Illuminati in the modern world

Soon after the church did extensive crackdowns on Illuminati secret societies in the late 18th century and early 19th century, the idealism disappeared from mainstream news and remained a rather highly niche and almost perished concept. 

Fast forward to the 1960s and the concept started gaining mainstream attraction. Experts believe that the counterculture era of the 60s that involved alternative thinking and heavy usage of the LSD drug brought the Illuminati to prominence. 

2. The concept of the New World Order

The New World Order is essentially a modernization of the Illuminati. This concept builds on the foundation of the Illuminati while including several new modern-world idealisms. Till date, it is not clear as to whether there are one or more secret societies that operate under the New World Order idealism, neither there are concrete evidence of such establishments till today. 

One of the most important reasons why the concept of the New World Order has gained prominence is the ubiquity of the internet and social media. Enthusiasts who promote the concept of the New World Order take to the internet to come up with several theories and acquisitions that have been highlighted in news, documentaries, and online magazines. 

3. Prominent figures of the concept of the New World Order

The New World Order doesn’t have a concrete standing as it seems to just exist virtually, through idealism and alternate concepts. This essentially means that the prominent figures of the concept of the New World Order haven’t testified of their association with the alternate idealism. 

It’s just theories that the New World Order enthusiasts have developed that include popular politicians and pop stars as the important members. Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Beyonce are some of the most popular music artists and entertainers that have been believed in the New World Order theories to be prominent figures. 

4. Ways that pop stars have been associated with the Secret Society Illuminati and New World Order

Enthusiasts and believers of the Illuminati and the New World Order have cited pop stars, including Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Jay-Z to have used elements of the Illuminati in their work for achieving fame and money. 

Some of these elements of the Illuminati include specific figures, such as the pentagram, the upsidedown pentagram, the goat, the number 666, the triangle ship, and the eye within the triangle figure. 

Considering the popularity of the Illuminati, you may ask yourself as to whether or not the Illuminati is more popular than several alien conspiracy theories. There is no concrete data or any other form of metrics to gauge the exact level of popularity that these two types of conspiracy theories have.

However, it is safe to assume that these two conspiracy theories have their own place, especially when it comes to exploring niche interests. The concept of forming secret societies is not just limited or reserved for the Illuminati as many alien conspiracy theories also include alternate societies that challenged the mainstream belief. 

6. Not all so-called prominent figures have the same perception

Prominent figures of the Illuminati and the New World Order who are allegedly believed to be politicians and celebrities do not share the same belief and also do not have the same perception towards their theoretical inclusions.

While some politicians and celebrities take the fact of them being included as the prominent figures of the Illuminati in a whimsical way, others don’t. Many of them have been reported to actually Believe in the existence of the Illuminati and specifically the concept of the New World Order. 


It’s not factually and practically correct to come up with one single conclusion as to whether or not the Illuminati is real. This largely has got to do with the fact that the secret societies operating under the Illuminati idealism during the 18th century achieved little to no success with their missions and goals of seeding in alternate beliefs. 
Modern-day enthusiasts and believers of the New World Order Believe that some of the biggest politicians and celebrities have achieved their fame and money by committing themselves to the Illuminati. However, these are just allegations and conspiracy theories as there are no concrete evidence or data to back them up.