Is Sammy EHR right for your Podiatry Practice in 2021?

Investing in a generic EMR software will generate no benefit for podiatry practices. If you are a podiatrist searching for a sophisticated medical software, then we recommend considering Sammy EMR. To know more about it, read our comprehensive review of the system, including its top features, price, and pros and cons. 

Introduction to Sammy EMR

Founded 30 years ago, Sammy EMR provides healthcare solutions to small and mid-size podiatry practices. Apart from the EMR system, the company offers practice management tools so users can better manage their finances and operations. 

Top Features of Sammy EMR 

Cloud-Based Operations 

With Sammy EMR’s cloud-based platform, users can operate the system from any location imaginable. The only requirement is an active internet connection. Additionally, the EMR software can be used on any device connected to the internet. Hence, it lowers users’ need to purchase expensive hardware. With no restrictions on physical locations, patients suffering from severe foot diseases can be provided prompt care.

Secure Medical Records 

A centralized database is created where all medical records are saved. Since Sammy EMR is HIPAA compliant, users do not need to worry about losing sensitive information to hackers. X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, and other pictures can be tagged to relevant patient charts. With the fax tool, faxes can directly be saved to the medical records of patients.

The intuitive system mentions what changes were made by which staff members, so users have more control over the information uploaded and edited. 

Interactive Patient Portal 

To make the lives of both practitioners and patients more manageable, an interactive patient portal is offered. Through this portal, patients can play a direct and active role in receiving quality care. They can schedule appointments at a time convenient for them. Since they choose the date and time themself, there are lesser chances of latecomers and no-shows. 

Waiting times before appointments are reduced as patients can fill intake and check-in forms before their consultation time. The portal further enables patients to read their discharge summaries, view lab test results, communicate with doctors, and request prescription refills. 

Streamlined Claims Management 

Not only do denied claims hamper a practice’s financial health, but they also lower doctors’ motivation to provide quality healthcare. With Sammy EMR, users can witness a significant decrease in rejected claims. Any errors in inputting claims are highlighted there and then for immediate rectification. The automated eligibility tool verifies whether an insurance plan is active or not. It further confirms if the coverage of a plan is sufficient enough to cover a particular treatment. 

Consistent and timely follow-up is maintained with both patients and insurance companies to ensure that doctors are paid on time.  

Faster Note-taking 

Through Sammy EMR’s user-friendly tools, podiatrists can document notes faster than if they did manually. Templates are provided that have been developed keeping in mind common foot diseases and treatments. In addition to this, a voice recognition tool is offered. The latter converts users’ speech into text that appears on the screen. Hence, doctors can document patient charts while simultaneously treating them. 

Common notes can be repeated with a single click. This dramatically reduces inefficiencies as repetitive tasks are completed in a fraction of a second. 

Price of Sammy EMR 

This medical software has a starting price of $349 per month. 

Pros and Cons of Sammy EMR 


  • Exclusively built for the needs of podiatrists. The templates, along with billing codes, are compliant with podiatry-relevant terminology. 

  • The claims management tool is easy to use and has proven to reduce denied claims. 

  • Storing images with relevant patient charts has enabled better record-keeping and made it easier for doctors to explain illnesses to patients. 


  • The interface of Sammy EMR is not aesthetically appealing and can be difficult to use and comprehend for newcomers. 

  • The customer support is lacking. Many users have witnessed that calls for assistance are usually left unanswered. In the case when calls are attended, customer service representatives are not the most helpful. 

  • Even though the templates are specialty-specific, they are fewer in quantity. More templates can be offered to cater to multiple diseases and treatments.  

Is Sammy EMR the Right Fit for Me?

For podiatry practices, Sammy EMR seems like the perfect fit. It features an impressive suite of solutions that not only maintains a digital record of patient charts but improves a practice’s operability and profitability. While users are fond of the advanced features, they are left annoyed with the poor customer service and lack of versatility in the templates. 

You should opt for Sammy EMR if it is in syncronization with your EHR requirements and preferences.