8 Interesting Facts About Capri Pants

When it comes to bottom wear, it goes without saying that capri pants are one of the most popular styles. Also known as crop pants and capris, capri pants have been the favourite for many. From fashion connoisseurs to hipster celebrities, capri pants have not failed to complete the ensemble of varied fashion ensembles through the years.

What’s great about capri pants is they are timeless. Many fashion trends come and go but capri pants I want of the fuel cells that have been able to stand the test of time and always stay in vogue. If capri pants are already your favourite or are planning to buy and try a few ones to see whether they suit your style, there are many things that you may not be aware of.

Below, we have hand-picked a list of some of the most interesting facts about capri pants. We are sure that these facts will interest you:

Capri pants have been around since the 1950s

Did you know that capri pants are not new; they have been around since 1950s. History holes that it was a fashion designer named Sonja de Lennart who introduced the first style of capri pants in 1948 after it was invented by Neil Munro Roger. Her English couturier, Bunny Rogers also played an important role in popularising the style of capri pants during that era.

Sonja de Lennart
Sonja de Lennart

Since then, the style of capital prints have continuously evolved throughout the decades. But one thing is for sure, all types of capri pants have stayed in vogue for a very long period of time.

Different types of capri pant fabric

Just like other types of popular trousers, including flared trousers, palazzos, cargoes, stirrups, and harems, Apple plans are available in different types of fabric.

Some of the common and popular fabric choices for capri pants include denim, lycra cotton, cotton, and hosiery.

different types of capri pants

A television series popularised capri pants in the United States

Yes, you read that right. A popular TV series named The Dick Van Dyke Show that was aired during the 1960s played an important role in popularising the style of capri pants in the US. Capri pants became a fashion sensation when Mary Tyler Moore who played the character Laura Petrie in the show wore capri pants that had a snug fitting.

Also, it was in the US that the style of capri pants evolved to different variations throughout the years. One of the most popular variations what’s the Capri-style tight-fitting cargo pants; style was highly popular among teenage boys during the mid 1960s.

One of the first movie stars to wear capri pants

Can you guess who was one of the first Hollywood movie stars to wear capri pants? It was none other than Audrey Hepburn. History has it that she wore an original style of the early capri pants in the film Roman Holiday. It is believed that many fans and communities associated capri pants as the actress’s signature style. Grace Kelly is said to be another American actress who was one of the first few movie stars to wear capri pants.

Audrey Hepburn
Love in the Afternoon (1957) – Audrey Hepburn

Women’s capris are available in various length options

Did you know that capri pants for women are available not just in one but various length options? Three of the most common length options for women’s capri pants include, ankle length capri pants knee length capri pants, and calf length capri pants

Ankle length capri pants: this type of capri pant provides a flatter look as they are designed to reach the ankles’ length.

Knee length capri pants: this type of capri pants is one of the most popular picks. The knee length design of this type of capri pant makes it suitable for wearing with any type of shoes.

Calf length capri pants: this type of capri pant is designed to drop halfway between the knees and ankles. This type of capri pants suit both tall and short women.

Capri pant style is adapted to gym and workout wear as well

The unique style and length fitting of capri pants not just create an aesthetically pleasing look, but also open up room for comfort and practicality. Bearing testimony to this is the latest gym wear and workout wear that are available both off-line and online.

If you checkout several off-line or online stores, you will notice that many different types of gym bottomwear, including leggings, have a capri pant style. They are designed to fit till the knee area or slightly below the knee area. And if you are curious, there are several benefits to this approach of adapting capri pants–like length fitting to gym and workout wear. One of the most important benefits is mobility. The knee–fitting design allows for wider movement of the ankles. As such, leg workout days become more comfortable and productive.

Shopping for capri pants online is easy and hassle-free

Some people have the misconception that the chances of going wrong are high when shopping for capri pants online. However, this is not true as shopping for capri pants online is very similar to shopping for any other type of bottom wear online.

One of the important points that you need to remember is to be informed about your size. This will help you avoid choosing the wrong size and going through the hassle of returning it. If you know your waist measurements, you can use the same measurement to choose the capri pants you plan on buying online. However, it is also important to make sure that not all online capri pant brands have the same size measurements. In such cases, make sure to check if the brand offers a size measurement chart. You can then use the size measurement chart to choose your size accordingly.

Capri pants are available in different patterns

It does not come as a surprise that capri pants are available in different types of stylistic patterns. Some of the common types of patterns include floral, plaid, chequered, polka dots, ethnic motifs, comical, and abstract. You can choose the pattern types as per the fashion statement you are interested in making.