Instagram Vs Facebook: Picking a Social Media Marketing Platform

Instagram Vs Facebook: Picking a Social Media Marketing Platform

Facebook is a platform for connecting with people, whereas Instagram is for capturing and sharing moments. Both of these social media channels are famous for providing interactive media to communicate with the world.

Moreover, they are known as a source of marketing products with easy access of reaching out to people, but you need to dig deeper in the advantages they provide to understand better and pick one of the two platforms. The insights given below will help you launch a product on the right channel, but before that, get yourself a good grasp at the successful social media strategies to take marketing with a storm.

What do they offer?

1. Reach

The number of users determines the visibility of content to boost marketing.

Instagram has around 800 million active users on a monthly basis and 500 million users per day. Facebook is an older platform and has more users of up to 2.2 billion per month.

In terms of reach, Facebook wins the number of users and visibility.

2. Engagement

Engagement means how many active users are uploading data on the web.

On Instagram daily, 95 million photos and videos are shared, which makes over 4.2 billion likes in a day.

Facebook does not have as much engagement as Instagram, but it generates the second highest number of interaction with brands.


In terms of likes, Instagram stands high among the crowd. In spite of fewer reaches, it gains much higher likes than Facebook.

Which one is better for visibility?

As far as reach is concerned, Facebook wins because of more active users, but it’s not about the quantity but about quality. Why should I reach twice the people when I aim to reach the right audience? On Facebook posts, friends, family, and videos are ranked higher, but text ranks lower. While on Instagram, the relevant post as per user’s demands are ranked higher, and the direct share option makes it more visible to people sharing the image or video.

This explains that Instagram is better for visibility in the news feed because Facebook shows a post related to the “friends list”.

Which one distributes information?

In terms of the distribution of information, Instagram restricts to one link in bio and users cannot share links in picture’s captions, whereas Facebook allows users to share as many links and promote blog posts. This may affect Instagram advantages for marketing because sharing information can lead to more followers and reaches. However you can create traffic to your blog using Instagram and Facebook by sharing authentic information.

So if you want to let the world know about your blog post, Facebook is a better option.

Whose Stories are better?

Facebook created its stories option in 2016, which surprised us a bit. To draw forward, more than 5 million people are hooked to Facebook stories now.

Still, Instagram wins in the story sharing because comparing Facebook feed and Facebook stories, they are murky and dull. While Instagram stories are bright and glowing, and because the stories option on such a platform was created by Instagram first after snapchat, it gained more popularity.

Which one of them is mobile friendly?

Facebook has come a long way, but Instagram is more mobile friendly because it has an advanced content type. It shows relevant content while Facebook connects with personal relationships rather than focusing on content. Additionally, Instagram has a direct messaging network, and Facebook doesn’t.

Which one is better for branding?

For marketing standpoint, Facebook makes a lot of changes in its feed that makes it difficult for us. On the other hand, Instagram barely changes the designs and options in its feed. The changes lead to a problematic understanding of the website.  Moreover, Facebook has become an old tool, while Instagram is new in the market.

Which one is better for connectivity?

Instagram has built-in messaging, while Facebook has a different app named “Messenger” for connecting via messages which make Instagram win in the matter of connectivity. Facebook is more about refreshing yourself in free time, and Instagram is a media-savvy mean of communication.

Which one has better vibes?

As far as these are concerned, both are different platforms because Instagram is about sophisticated and positive reaches while Facebook is about “laugh and make others laugh”. The content that can be among connected human should be on Facebook and Instagram wins in terms of marketing strategies.


Facebook and Instagram ads are sponsored posts shown on newsfeed either in the form of text, images, or videos. For the advertisement, you can reach out to both the platforms because they provide a lot of advantages together.

Optimization: You can connect on both the platforms and better understand which one is running better for the promotion of the product.

Right Template: You just need to select the right objective for your ad, and both the platform will choose the right template for you.


In terms of marketing, it is necessary to look into the benefits of each platform and evaluate which one is better for marketing revenue? Beside this understand the social media marketing strategies that will rule, so that your content has better chances to attract.

Instagram: is about discovery and observation. The marketing reaches to everyone around rather than known ones. It is better for direct marketing because it spreads awareness and engages with the customer. It has a majority of younger users

Facebook: is more about connecting with known ones. It’s about personal interaction and has more of older age user. It does not allow direct sharing, and that is one of its drawbacks for marketing.

For example, if Premium Jackets, want to create content in order to enhance their marketing, they can create promotional pages on both the sides because Hollywood characters are everyone’s favorite and one would love to grab their hands on such items. So it’s not only about the platform but the product you are selling matters too.

Choosing your platform depends on what you are looking for. The demands and limitations of the product and marketing determine the best platform. The above-given information shows that Instagram works well in promoting a product and for social media marketing. Beside the advantages, Facebook is an old school thing, and Instagram is gaining its users day by day. Comparing Facebook and Instagram, Instagram seems to be a clear winner and will become one of the leading social media channels in future years.

Author Bio:

Stella Lincoln is the mother of two sons currently working as a Content Developer at Australian Master. She is a marketing Tutor at Crowd Writer. For a decade, she has been a social media enthusiast and writes blog posts in her blog Educator House.