Insightful Home with vibrant painting ideas

Someone truly said “Home is where the heart is”, or rather heart rests in solace at our homes. Each one of us aspires for a home that is not merely four walls but a dreamy place where we lead a life, grow, have fun with the family. With some insightful paint ideas, we can totally transform small or big places with ease.

Alternately, you can also search for living room paint ideas, pooja room decoration, dining ideas, décor themes, and a lot of other holistic home decoration ideas that truly alter spaces to the next level.

Texture paints:

One way to glorify your homes is through texture paints. There is a recent addition to interiors, with more and more people inclined towards texture paint designs, major brands like Asian paints, Berger paints, etc have launched their themes and home painting services. The texture paints add depth to walls, you can also customize them according to your taste and preference. There are several texture types too. For example smooth textures, popcorn texture, orange peel, hawk & trowel, sand grain texture, etc.

Wall Stencil designs:

Wall stencil designs are another great way to uplift your home instantly, they give a dash of vibrancy leaving you the feel of a holiday everytime you step into the room. Wall stencils need not always be a simple peel-off sticker or a patch on the wall, it is a powerful way to create cozy home décor. Whether it is a small patch in the dining space or a floral motif in the kitchen, stencil stickers go great irrespective of size. However, did you know stencil designs can be painted on the entire wall- Hobby stencils are the basic, papercraft stencils, quilt stenciling, and a lot of other abstract stencil designs are available online.

Ceiling paint themes

Wondering how can ceiling paint be any different from the usual white? Yes, it can be of many unique colors. Bold, bright, and beautiful- the ceiling painting should be a must-try for your living spaces. You need not paint the entire ceiling wall but can patch it up and use décor as an outline for it.

There are a number of insightful ceiling paint ideas that you can borrow online- each of them unique, energetic, and flamboyant. 

Customized paint ideas

Gone were the days where a single paint ruled the entire house, it is time for customization of every nook and corner of the house with a pop of color. Customized paint ideas are the new fad. For example go trendy and bright for the living room, simple and sober for the kitchen, energetic and spirited designs for the bedroom,and a lot of other themes that can be completely space specific. However, only one drawback is the extensive research you need to do plus the cost that each theme carries.

Customized paintideas can be either worked out by you in an elaborate manner keeping in view of the various tastes of your loved ones or hire a professional to do the job for you. Customized painting ideas are a great way to ensure everyone’s opinions in the family are considered.

DIY projects

Painting can be fun at the same time can be disastrous too, for those who fancy DIY, take up small portions of the room to experiment, then go with bigger spaces. However pro you are, do seek professional help before you start or spend quality time to understand the pros and cons of DIY.

Painting is indeed fun but time-consuming too, with no room for error, it is best left to professionals. You can reach out to professional painting servicesacross India for a perfect paint job.