Increase Instagram followers: tips and tricks

I told you what are the tools that I used to start the increase process like, I must also tell you that you have to act with obstinacy, otherwise it is useless to use these tools because you will not be successful without determination and patience.

Another advice I want to give you is to connect your account to The content is automatically deleted after 24 hours!

Facebook, you can take advantage of an initial boost to make your friends on this social network follow you. Automatically, when you connect Instagram to your profile, users will receive a notification and will probably start following you.

Going on, I recommend you to comment and like the photos of others, this will help you get visibility and get other followers. I use icon square to do it from a computer, so that when I have some time I look for photos by tag and comment on the ones I like.

In this way, and with these little tips, you can increase followers on Instagram, but remember to use all your stubbornness and be patient.

Other tips on how to get followed on Instagram and get more likes

Hey, wait! I’m not finished, because I want to give you some other advice. Have you ever heard of follow 4 follow? It is a technique where a user with many followers is asked to exchange a publication or to purchase a publication of one of our photos on their profile by tagging us in the caption and inviting those who like the photo to follow us.

This is a great way to have many likes on InstagramBut be careful, needless to say, that the person who will share your photo, after exchange or payment, must have an audience interested in what you publish … otherwise, it is just a waste of money and time.

I’ll explain briefly: I have many followers related to the world of travel if I publish a photo of a real estate agency I probably won’t get likes proportional to how many followers I have. So choose well who will share your photo.

To know all the secrets of follow 4 follow I recommend you take a look at this course: Instagram on Fire!

Another trick to increase Instagram followers, but wait I’m not done yet.

Local hashtags and Igers to get more followers on Instagram

I want to reveal a little trick that I often use. When I travel and find myself in a different city, I try to investigate if there is a community of Instagramers (it is always there) and then I go to find out what are the hashtags they use to identify themselves.

Some useful apps to create unique images on Instagram?

Someone also asked me some useful application to publish unique photos on their profile, here is my selection:

  • Boomerang: it is available for iOS and Android, it is connected to Instagram and allows you to create mini videos in Loop. They are simple to make and a lot of fun and I also noticed that interactions increase SHAPE  * MERGEFORMAT
  • Layout: it is an excellent software for iOS and Android that allows you to make collages to be published, maybe you can make a selection of the best photos of your last trip SHAPE  * MERGEFORMAT
  • Stories: this function is integrated directly into the social network, has a function similar to what Snapchat is, that is, it allows you to publish photos and personalize them with emoticons and writings. 
  • All these apps that I recommend above are completely free, what are you waiting for to download them? 

As for the like for like on Instagram, in my opinion, it could be an interesting activity. Many times if you like someone, this person will peek at your profile and therefore you may receive a spare like, obviously I recommend you to like users who might be interested in what you publish and likely followers. SHAPE  * MERGEFORMAT

Warning: many times this like for like system on Instagram is automatic and managed by bots, users will not like itbut an external service (often for a fee) that will automatically respond to your like. 

Which of the two do I prefer? To interact!

Increase followers on Instagram and get more likes

Exactly, I prefer to interact and I’ll explain in what sense. I spend an hour a day on Instagram, it takes about 10 minutes to publish the three photos (on the total of the day, considering 60 minutes total), the other 50 minutes how do I spend them?

Simple, looking at the photos of others, responding to comments, commenting, in turn, the photographs of those who still do not follow. What does this trigger? Is simple:

Comment with a question pushes the user who posted the photo to answer you, intrigued in 90% of cases enters your profile, and begins to see your photos, as a result, he may leave you a comment or even leave a like and start following you. While another way of increasing likes and followers on Instagram is to buy Instagram likes and followers from a trusted service provider.