How To Improve Reading Skills In Children?

Reading is a very good habit which should be seeded in children from a very early age. Studies suggest that children should be exposed to storybooks, rhymes etc for better cognitive development. A child should not be exposed to television or mobile phones at an early age. 

What Are The Benefits Of Reading ?

There are several benefits of reading for a child as well as adults. But during the growing age, reading habit will make a child cognitively developed. 

  • Listening to stories or reading books will help a child become logical and will have a good relationship effect on the reader and the child. Therefore parents are encouraged to act this part. The stories with morals will help a child become just and fair. 
  • It will help them achieve higher concentration. They will learn to hold their attention to a single cause for a longer period. They will develop patience. 
  • It will help them learn the language properly and improve their grip over the association of language. This will also help children learn the fundamentals of language. 
  • Reading will help a child develop emotional satisfaction. 

What Can You Do As A Parent To Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills? 

You have a huge part to play as a parent in developing reading skills for your child. Let’s see what you can do. Look below to know more.

Read To Them Every Night

Bring them attractive and colorful books to grab their attention towards the book. Let them go through it while playing. Read them storybooks every night and let them fall asleep while you read a book. This will create a bond between you and your child as well help them understand their value in your life 

Make It Your Habit

Make reading your habit too. You cannot make your child learn unless you follow it yourself. They will learn from you, get encouragement seeing you. Buy them different story books and shelf them. Let them know, reading books is not just for learning it is also a stress buster/mood changer.

children reading with parents

Help Them Find The Right Book

Do you think your child is uninterested in reading storybooks? It might be because they did not like the genre. Help them find their genre. Be careful what book you choose. Ghost stories are a very big no-no for kids. They might develop negative feelings. Help them know the flora and fauna too. This will create a different kind of energy in them.

Buy Story Books For Children

You Need To Involve With Your Child

Involve with your child’s reading session. Many children face difficulty in their early age while reading. This will pass gradually if you get involved with them. Tell them to recite poetries, this will help you understand if he has any speaking disparity. 

Your Child Is Unique

Every child is unique in their own way. Therefore do not generalize any child. Understand their ways first and then deal with them accordingly. If you can’t understand him, consult with their teachers. If your child has any issues it can be cured in the primary days. If needed consult a specialist. There is no shame in it. Reading is essential for his analyzing skills but don’t force them into anything. 

How Can Schools Contribute In Improving Reading Skills In Children?

Schools play an important role in developing a child’s personality. Schools need to organize reading classes. Reading loudly in front of other children will make them confident. Do not insult them or scold them if they can’t. Speak to them, ask them what the problem is. Ask them to write letters to their friends or parents. This will help you understand their feelings and language skills they have developed till now. 

What Are The Different Activities To Encourage Your child?

There are various activities you can incorporate in your child’s daily lives. There are various book-related activities that you can perform. 

encourage reading 1
  • Story maps
  • Let them tell the story you read in their own way
  • Ask him to draw pictures from his imagination
  • Graphic organizers
  • Ask your child to write creative letters to the author of the books they like. Ask them to write about their queries about the books
  • Drama readings

How To Create A Reading Ambience For Your Child? 

Turn off television, music or any kind of distractive noises. Let him spread his wings of imagination. Make the reading session a playful one. 

You need to be what you intend to make your child because you are their role models.