Hunting For A Work From Home Chair? Here Is All You Need To Know!

After the recent global lockdown, everyone would have experienced the work from home scenario. This creates an entirely new dimension to the workplace with our own choice and ideas incorporated into an enticing diverse environment. While working in an office, nobody would have chosen to select their furniture as it would have all been ordered in bulk for the entire office. But once the work from home trend emerged, everybody would have realized the need for proper furniture for a job that matches his/her body type, conditions, time and health. A study chair online will also fit into this category as it is used at home and needs maximum comfort. In order to identify the right chair for a person is indeed a challenging task and requires the application of mind before investing in it. Let us discuss all the things one should understand from an ergonomics point before purchasing a work from the home chair.

What are the Factors to Choose a WFH Chair? 

The factors depending on which work from the home chair to choose are:

  • Seat Dimensions: This is the primary factor to consider while opting for a chair. The chair’s width and depth play a significant role in comfort and convenience to stay in place for a longer duration. Chairs also have a weight limit, and therefore one should see whether his/her body weight matches with the chair that he/she prefers over the others. Moreover, the size of the person is directly associated with the size and dimensions of the chair. More extensive and heavier the person, he/she, will require a big WFH chair.
  • Lumbar Support: The best ergonomic chair will have excellent lumbar support, and the height and depth of it will be adjustable to match the natural curvature of the spine. Backaches are the first red flags for a spine problem, and this happens with lousy posture and irregular seating positions.
  • Upholstery: This is yet another criterion to look into while looking for a complete comfort chair as the fabric, and the extra padding and cushioning produce a total extravagant convenience for the user. Upholstery has to be easy to maintain and breathable to offer comfort necessarily. The padding should be made from a good quality foam with a memory foam cushion to last longer and provide maximum benefit to the user in terms of luxury.

Point of Ergonomics 

Everyone should clearly understand all the following points to opt for work from the home chair. It makes it easy and provides a better understanding to anyone on what to expect. The primary categories in a chair are:

  • Chair with wheels that is easy to move short distances without getting up from the seat.
  • Chair without wheels that stays stationary in one place.

The other factors to be addressed while choosing a work from the home chair are the various parts of the chair directly linked with comfort. 


The backrest is the vital part of a chair that supports the back and prevent an individual from not falling prey to all the spinal problems. A backrest must essentially have adjustable lumbar support that helps in giving a vast range of support to the upper, middle and lower back. Some Wakefit chairs are designed with lumbar support as an additional fitting in the lower end to provide more support to the spine.


The seat is the most significant part of a chair that should have three main features, namely adjustable height, depth and angle. When it is adjustable, the height will help prevent back and wrist pain and the strain to the eye. The flexible height option in work from home chair allows one to adjust the table’s height and the computer screen. The seat’s depth works better for people on the taller side as more profound the seats are better the relaxation, we obtain from it. The angles will let a person adjust the seat angles’ positioning, and these give a higher degree of convenience to the user. One can also tilt the seat’s tension and these are known as reclining chairs. This feature enables a person to sit in a more relaxed posture without which he/she will be sitting upright. Sitting upright can be handled but long hours together in an upright position is again a strain to the spine.


The headrest is the part on top of a chair’s backrest that lets a person rest his/her head on it in a relaxed state. This is another essential part of being well checked before purchasing a chair. It depends on the height of the person again as to where the headrest gets positioned while sitting. Some chairs will therefore have an adjustable headrest too making widely available to all people with different heights.


The armrest is the part of the chair where a person rests his arm. This is the most used part of a chair while using a keyboard or a mouse. A comfortable work from the home chair should have an adjustable width and height with removable and padded armrests. One can move the armrest height when it is flexible to up and down positions as per the user’s need and posture or the task done with his hands. If the armrests are removable when not needed it is another unique option to enhance customer’s convenience. The material of the armrests prevents pain in the elbows, especially when it is padded sufficiently.


The hunt for a work from home chair ends here with a deep knowledge of the chair’s features that provide luxury and comfort. With the above list, an individual tends to become overpowered to make the right choice and continue to work comfortably in his favourite space at home. He/she also will become confident with his/her selection and will not give a second thought before taking the next step to purchase one’s most preferred work from the home chair. Above all these sitting postures with both feet on the ground is the best thing to do. Besides all the comfort a chair gives to an individual, both posture and the best ergonomic chair go hand in hand.