How To Take Screenshot In Dell Laptop?

We all have been in situations where we need screenshots on the laptop itself. Especially during the covid times, with everything being done online, there is a need to know how screenshots can be taken on laptops. From meetings to classes, everything is being conducted online nowadays. There are many times that you are unable to make note of anything due to time paucity or in a situation where you are extremely tired. Taking screenshots is the best solution to this. It saves time and even paper. You do not have the stress of losing it as it is stored safely on your laptop. 

If you are a dell laptop user and wish to know how to take screenshot in dell laptop, worry not as this article here will help you with that. 

There is not just one way of taking screenshots on a dell laptop but many. We will discuss a few, and you can opt for whichever is easy. The answer to how to take screenshot in dell laptop is by using the print screen key. If you open your dell laptop, you will see a key titled ‘PrtScn’ or ‘Prt Sc’ on the keyboard. The titles on the keyboard vary from model to mode, but this is the way you can simply take screenshots on your dell laptop. Every dell laptop will have this key but will just be titled differently, so ensure that you study the keyboard thoroughly once you purchase it. To make the search easy for you, the usual location of this key is beside the delete key in the top row, so you do not have to waste your time looking for it. 

Once you have pressed this particular key, your screenshot will be taken. Basically, the entire screen that is displayed when you press this key will be copied to the clipboard of your laptop. You can then paste it into any other document or program in order to save it. For instance, you can paste it to paint or Microsoft Word, depending on where you want to. 

There are different ways to even use the ‘Print Screen’ key. There is an option of many keyboard combinations that can help in taking screenshots the way you want. It permits you to take screenshots of the entire screen or just a portion of the screen. 

Another way is by locating the Windows key, the one which has the Windows logo on it, for clarity. It can be found in the bottom-left-corner of any Windows laptop. If you press both the Windows key and PrtScr together, you will be able to take a screenshot that way. You will notice that after pressing the two keys simultaneously, your screen will dim a little. This marks that your screenshot has been successfully taken. You will have to keep trying till the screen does not dim. 

Another method that allows how to take screenshot in dell laptop is the snipping tool method. You have to start by pressing the Windows key or simply by clicking the Windows logo on the screen. This is going to bring you the snipping tool into the top of the Start window giving easy access. You will see that the snipping tool is exactly like a pair of scissors, and you will be required to click on it. The snipping tool app is going to open up, and that will lead you to the drop-down-menu offering several options. To name a few, it has full-screen snip, window snip, rectangular snip, and many others. Of course, this decision depends on what is your requirement. 

All the steps that have been discussed above are easier than you can imagine. It is super convenient and easy to remember, as well. You do not have to do anything additional or purchase any special app for it. Dell is a well-known brand to all and caters to people of different age groups. It brings forward novel features that are user-friendly and not complex at all. The brand has attempted to do the same with the screenshot feature as well. It is simple, and if you follow the steps one-by-one, you are going to get the answer to how to take screenshot in dell laptop. 

Now that we have discussed everything, it is time for you to open your Dell laptop and give this feature a shot. We bet it is going to be interesting for you to realize that this feature existed for so many years, but is understanding its worth now. Before purchasing your laptop, it is recommended that you learn everything about it. The service providers are there to guide you and can also impart knowledge about how to take screenshot in dell laptop. You can remain stress-free and make the most of what technology has in store for you.

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