How to pay less when buying Packs for Madden 21 Ultimate Team

Buying Madden 21 Packs is something most players have to do at least once. But this is not as simple as it seems. You must know which Packs to buy and when is the right time. If you want to go a little deeper, then you should also know what to do to spend less money on them. All these questions and many more can be answered in EZMUT Madden 21 Ultimate Team buying guide.


The best time to buy a package

The best time to talk about promotional Packs is impossible, let alone promotional Packs. The promotional package time is a period, and promotional Packs are provided in the store. Usually, this is a whole day, but this is not necessary. They are generally more attractive than conventional packaging because of their lower cost per rare item. The chances of getting a premium card during the promotional package are the same.

Promotional package time is scarce, and the chance of obtaining high-quality items is higher. These special offers are declared as 2x opportunities, which means that the chances of getting good things during this period are twice as high as usual. However, they are scarce: they occur only once or twice a year.

It is unknown when promotional Packs will be available in stores, but promotional Packs almost always appear at 6 pm. They are released during every MUT event and most of every Friday and Wednesday. In the first and last two months of the annual cycle, you will find fewer promotional Packs in the store.

When you know that there are good cards in the packaging, this is an excellent strategy to save your packaging or buy new packaging. Therefore, you should pay attention to important events such as TOTW and TOTY. In very few specific times, EA will sell promotional packaging at half price.

There are rumors that EA uses some powerful strategies to sell more game packs. For example, some people say that when you pay with Madden 21 Points, you have a better chance to pack a good player. There is no way to prove that they are just rumors.

EA no longer uses the term happy hour. They replaced it with an available promotional package within a limited time and did not announce it in advance. You may know if there is a promotional package in the store, go to the home page or console of the FUT web application when activated, or check our dedicated page.


How to pay less when buying gift packs

Many players don’t know what to do: buy a package in the store, order EA Play or purchase Champions or Ultimate Edition. We will try our best to help them.

Let’s start with the particular version. Indeed, the packaging purchased in the store is more expensive than the packaging provided in these versions. However, we strongly recommend that you not buy these special editions, as they only offer one or two packs per week. This means that players have to wait up to 12 weeks to get all the backpacks. No one is worth waiting so long.

With EA Play, the situation is different. You can enjoy discounts instead of free packaging: when you buy  Madden 21 points) in the store, you can pay 10% less. This can be very useful for people who purchase many Packs. After buying a gift pack worth 20k MUT Coins, you can get a one-year subscription fee.