Roses are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flowers that you can find on this planet. Not just that, they are also extremely popular all over the world for not just one but many reasons- be it for its mesmerising beauty, or its sweet fragrance, or its medicinal value. From being a very popular gift option among people of all age for pretty much any and every occasion, to being the most commonly used flower in the perfume industry, from being a decor item to being used in the preparation of various dishes, from being used in the beauty industry to being used as a symbol of love- Roses are everywhere. Don’t you think so too? 


Whenever there is any occasion, be it someone’s birthday, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, bridal shower, baby shower, house warming, or any special day in anyone’s life- we always receive at least one bouquet of fresh Roses from a loved one- after all, it is one of the most popular gift choices for more than one reason. It is beautiful, it smells amazing, comes in various colours and sizes, can be put into various kinds of flower arrangements, comes at various prices, is loved by all and is therefore an easy and less risky gift option, not at all difficult to get Roses, and is considered to be a very special and thoughtful gift. Roses can convey any feeling in the right way and is therefore used by people in various situations and for all different kinds of relationships. Whether you want to congratulate your boss for the new business deal or you want to say “I miss you” to your parents, whether you want to congratulate your sibling for graduating or you want to say “I love you” to your special one, whether you want to tell your best friend just how important he or she is to you or you want to say “I am sorry” to your relative whose wedding you couldn’t attend due to work, whether you want to welcome home a little one in the family in the most beautiful way or you want to congratulate your neighbour for their beautiful new house- Roses can be used for each and every occasion. In fact, send some fresh red Roses to your loved one right away- don’t worry, online flower delivery in Mumbai and every other Indian city is now just a click away!


Roses are so beautiful that whenever we receive them, all we want to do is preserve them for as long as possible (we wish we could preserve them forever, isn’t it?). After all, it does break our heart to throw away the gorgeous flowers because they are no longer fresh. Well, while we might not be able to preserve fresh Roses for months or years, we can surely keep them fresh for a few days and thus not have to throw them away in a day. How? Here’s how- 


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  • Keep the Roses away from direct sunlight 

Roses are extremely delicate and should never be placed under direct sunlight as this will for sure make the flowers wilt very quickly. Keep the Roses in a cool environment, preferably in a room and at a place which doesn’t get the direct rays of the Sun- maybe near your bed, or on the dining table, or a cool corner of your living room. This will help the Roses stay fresh for a longer period of time.


  • Don’t keep the Roses right under the fan or right in front of the heater/ AC 

Direct wind from the fan & AC, and the direct heat from the room heater or any other heat radiating object, is harmful for the fresh Roses. In fact, you shouldn’t even keep ripening fruits around fresh Roses as the ethylene gas that is emitted by the fruits will have a negative impact on the flowers.


  • Water the Roses liberally 

Neither is too much water good for fresh flowers, nor is too little of it good- there needs to be a balance. Thus, water your flowers liberally and never touch the delicate petals with your hands as the normal body temperature is also higher than what these flowers can bear, thus always hold them by their stems. When you order a rose bouquet online and you receive the flowers, if you see that the stem is already a little woody, place them in a vase filled with 2/3rd water immediately and keep changing this water every two to three days. Use normal temperature tap water for your flowers. 


  • Trim the stems daily

It’s very important to trim the stems of your fresh flowers every time you change the water, which should be every two to three days, as this will help them stay fresh for a longer period of time. Use a sharp knife or scissor to cut the stems of the Roses at a 45 degree angle- this will increase the surface area to absorb more water.

Keep your Roses fresh for a long period of time and enjoy them for as long as possible!