How to hire the right React Native app development company for your project success

Are you planning to hire react native developer but unsure of finding the right one? Are you looking for a guide to hiring the right react native developer who understands your requirements? Didn’t have a pleasant experience with your last react native developer


Don’t worry! We have got your back. In this write-up, we have curated a complete guide to assist you to hire react native developer who would be the perfect fit for your project. 


Let’s get started.


But first, let’s look at some advantages of using React Native for your app development.


Advantages of Using React Native for App Development


React Native is a powerful network that helps in creating versatile apps. React Native enables you to create apps that need minimum maintenance and are easy to update. 


Utilizing Reusable Codes


React Native eliminates the requirement to modify apps for different platforms. React Native allows the leverage and re-use of each element of iOS and Android. Therefore, a react native developer doesn’t have to rebuild the code.


The developer can use pre-built libraries based on Java-script.  


Budget-Friendly App Development


With the provision of 3rd party plug-in support and code reusability, the overall cost for developing an app is comparatively low.

These features also allow the developer to create apps within a short timespan. Cost automatically reduces due to less time requirement.


Convenient App Development process


React Native framework offers programmers API sets that are specific to Android and iOS. A developer can also use the pre-configured features like camera, storage, etc. while developing an app.


Improved Performance and UI


React Native offers native API code components. This allows the developer to create high-performance apps. React Native is embedded with React JS feature. Therefore, the developer can design any app with the knowledge of JavaScript and React syntax. 


These features allow a react native developer to design high-performing, creative and user-friendly applications. 

Do you know which organizations are using React Native? 


Instagram, Facebook, Tesla, Bloomberg, and a lot of other companies. Yes, you read that right.

Now that you have understood the advantages of using react native framework, let’s discuss how you can Hire react native app development company  for your project’s success.


Guide to Hire React Native Developer


Define Your Business Objective 


With React Node’s advantages, developers can create a user-friendly, smooth, fast, and robust application for Android and iOS. Top-notch companies prefer this open-framework for similar reasons.

But you need to understand your objective before you start looking for a developer.  


What exactly is your requirement? What will your customers get from the app? What business outcomes are you expecting from the app? Get answers to these questions before you hire a developer.


When you are clear about your requirement, you can define your goals and needs to the developer accurately. 


Sources to Hire React Native Developer– Freelancer vs. Company


This one’s a tough decision. Both options have pros and cons. Hiring a freelance can be budget-friendly. But they are not equipped with advanced technological infrastructure. This can result in increased delivery time for your project-


On the other hand, companies have an advanced infrastructure and global work portfolio, which makes them more reliable. Answering the following questions can help you make the right choice-


  • How big is your project?

  • How much finance can you allocate for it?

  • Do you have previous experience of hiring a company/freelance and how was your overall experience?


Get a Background Verification Done


App developers have diverse work portfolios. Get a clear idea about their knowledge and previous experiences before you hire react native developer. 


Certain developers might have extensive experience in Java or Swift/Objective-C. Some developers specialize in ReactJS. Understanding their background can help you make an informed decision. 


Verify Company’s Financial Condition


A financially capable company can provide you the best technological infrastructure for your project. The services you get from the company should be worthy of your investment. 


How to find out the financial strength of a company? You can use the following resources-

  • Visit the website of the company- look at testimonials, client portfolio, about us page, projects, annual reports

  • Read client reviews on Google and other websites(if available)

  • Research on the social media activities (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn). Read comment and reviews

  • Read press releases 

  • Look for featured content of the company on other authentic and high-value sites

  • Read employee reviews on online portals


Maintain a Constant Communication


Clear and crisp communication is the key to get your job done correctly. Regularly collaborate with the hired react native developer

  • Give a detailed description of your requirement and expectations 

  • Listen to the ideas and suggestion from the developers

  • You can give them feedback, check for updates, discuss any concerns at various stages of your project

Sign an Agreement


This is the most crucial step when you hire react native app developers. An official agreement helps protect your data, clearly mentions your project’s terms and conditions, and saves you from legal complications. 


Ensure that your selected firm offers you post-development services like testing, bug fixes, and maintenance to ensure the app’s smooth working. All these conditions should be clearly mentioned in your agreement. 


Understanding the Rates of React Native Developers


In India, react native developers charge $18-$40/hour. The availability of expert developers and competitive rates make India a favorable destination to hire react native app developer offshore. 


In the US, the average rate of react-native developers is around $35-$45/hour. The charges may vary depending on your requirement and the seniority level of the developer. 


Understanding the Steps in React Native App Development


When you hire react developers, a company follows a specific workflow to deliver your product. The steps are as follows-


  • Prepare a strategy based on your requirements

  • Design the application

  • Quality assurance testing

  • Incorporating reviews and feedback

  • Deployment

Use these guidelines to hire react native app developer that suits your requirement.