How to Get the Right Smartphone Cover?

A smartphone case has two functions: it protects the device from various threats (chips, cracks on the glass, scratches, dust, water, dirt) and gives it a personalized look. When choosing a cover, most users are guided not only by the degree of protection and ease of use but also by the beauty of the cover. We figure out today which covers protect better and how they differ.

What are the covers?

There are a wide variety of protective smartphone accessories on the market? Branded – they are designed for specific smartphones. Original covers can be found by owners of popular phone models. They take into account all the features of the device: the location of the camera, speakers and a cutout in the screen, if any.

The minus of the branded covers is the poor assortment. If you want something more original and interesting, pay attention to unusual cases that can give your smartphone an individual and stylish look. Huawei p smart 2019 phone case example can be considered as it is widely available with all styles and materials.

Universal – these covers are suitable for many models of smartphones; the main thing is that the accessory fits the screen diagonal.

Types of covers by material

·       Leather covers are among the most durable, durable and reliable. Outwardly, they look expensive and respectable. They serve for a long time, but are rather expensive.

·       Artificial leather covers are lightweight, inexpensive, with high protective properties.

·       Plastic covers are durable, very lightweight, practically weightless, with a high degree of protection and budget cost.

·       Silicone cases are one of the most popular protective accessories lately. They are pleasant to the touch thanks to the elastic and soft material, they protect the smartphone well in case of falling, dampening the shock, they sit quite tightly on the device and are easy to put on. The disadvantage of such covers is fragility. The silicone case can be torn by inadvertently removing or putting it on.

·       Fabric covers are lightweight, soft and inexpensive. They protect well from scratches, but when dropped, they are unlikely to save a smartphone, especially a glass one, from serious damage.

Types of covers by functionality

·       The book is one of the most reliable types. The smartphone is reliably protected from all sides. The flip-down top panel allows you to quickly answer a call or message. Another plus of the folio case is that it can be used as a stand for a smartphone.

·       Bumper is the one that protects the ends and edges of the body;

·       Flip case is similar to a book case, but opening from the bottom. Convenient when using a smartphone with one hand.

·      Pouch pocket – protects the device from all sides, but the device has to be removed from it completely, while other types of protective accessories provide quick access to the screen. Covers-pockets are often equipped with a tape, by pulling on which you can quickly remove the smartphone.

·     The sports cover is the perfect solution for athletes and active users. With such a case, they can always be in touch without the risk of losing or dropping their smartphone. Plus, sports covers – they are usually waterproof, securely fixed on the hand and do not interfere with training.

A large selection of various covers for smartphones of almost all brands are available for everyone. You just got to find the one which suits your needs.

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