How to Download MKV Movies for Free

How to Download MKV Movies for Free

Video content like movies and TV shows comes in various formats. You can get MP4 as well as MKV movies, depending on the way the movies have been containerized or packaged. MKV movies are popular because these movies work on all devices. 

MKV extension supports cross-platform usage so the movies that are MKV will work just fine on most of the devices that you find out there. This is why this format is recommended for downloaded movies.

Here are some of the best ways you can download MKV movies for free 

Use Torrent to Download MKV Movies

Torrent sites offer you multiple formats for the same movie that you want to download. You can choose the format that works the best as per the support features of your device. If you choose to go to MKK movies, you can be certain that they would work on your phone. Moviesda and similar torrent sites for movies allow you access to High-Quality MKV movies that you can play on your phone as well as your PC.   

How to download MKV movies using torrent? 

Downloading MKV movies via torrent is simple and easy. You can do that with the help of torrent client software and the sites for downloading torrents for the latest movies. 

Here is how you can use the torrent to download MKV Movies

Download uTorrent or BitTorrent for your phone or PC and use it to connect to the BitTorrent network. The connection happens automatically when you open a torrent in the downloaded app. 

Once you have installed the client software on your targeted device, use the MKV movies torrent sites to search for the movies you are interested in. Download the torrents for these movies and you would be good to go.     

Best Torrent Sites for MKV Movies

  • 1337x: This site works amazingly well as the best platform for MKV movies. You can use this website to download MKV movies for free on your phone. 

  • Torrentz2: With the comprehensive search features of this site, you can find all the movies that you want to download in any format that’s available on different torrent sites. 

  • TorrentFunk: Whether you want to download movies via magnet torrent or torrent file, this site would help you do all that. 

Download MKV Movies from Direct Download Sites

If using torrent seems like a massive hassle to you, there are a lot of sites that offer you direct download options for movies that you can opt for. Using these sites will allow you to save yourself from the aggravation of downloading additional software on your phone.

MKV Movies direct download sites are huge in number. You can use these sites whenever you want to, download the movies that are interested in. The quick access to MKV movies using this site is what makes them the best choice for directly download the stuff that you like.  

How to download MKV movies using Direct Download Sites?

The direct download sites for MKV movies make it possible for you to download movies in less time. Using these sites, you can find the movies that you want to download and download them with ease. 

Some MKV movies sites offer you download buttons whereas others require you to use web video downloader apps. You can use the process that’s allowed by the website that you are using. Khatrimaza for MKV movies allows you to directly download MKV movies or MP4 movies using the download button that you get with all the movies on this website.   

Best Direct Download Sites for MKV Movies 

  • MkvMad: Get access to the latest Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies in MKV format. This site is simple, safe, and secure. 

  • MkvMAx: Mkvmax offers cross-platform support. You can use it to download 300mb movies on your phone as well as PC. 

  • MoviesRush: MoviesRush is great because it has a good UI design and an impressive collection of MKV movies. Use this site to download MKV movies directly for free. 

Final Words


There are a lot of platforms out there that can be used to download MKV movies. The ones that we have talked about here are just the tip of the iceberg. If you prefer MP4 over MKV, then that is fine too. Still, MKV is a much better option overall. This file format is even supported by editing software which gives you better control over the movies that you want to download using your phone or PC.