How Can You Convert A Color PDF To Grayscale

PDF converter apps offer many useful functionalities. Most of the apps provide a facility to generate PDFs and apply various filters on it to enhance its results. Amongst that many available options Grayscale is the most used filter. 

Do you require a
PDF maker app that offers excellent post-scan filters with other useful functionalities? This blog will introduce you to a renowned app that is incomparable when it comes to Grayscale filters.

Which Is The Best App To Convert Color PDF To Grayscale?

Although color PDFs are very useful in many ways, there are times when you need to convert them in Grayscale. So, before digging deep into the working and procedures of how to convert color PDF to Grayscale. Let’s first understand the many benefits of it.

Why Gray scale Images Are the Most Preferred Images?

Grayscale images offer an array of benefits over other images. Here are some of the fundamental advantages of Grayscale images.

  1. Grayscale Images Give Professional Look- The very first thing that comes in our mind when we see any files with Grayscale is its professional appeal. When you convert any file into Gray level with a smart PDF converter app, it instantly gives the formal- office-look. 

  2. Grayscale Offers Smooth Image Processing- For many PDF maker apps image processing becomes a bit difficult when the file is colored, as the color information doesn’t help to identify the edges of the document. 

  3. To Process Grayscale is very simple For PDF Maker Apps- It is quick to process Grayscale images. Applying a multichannel process is way easier in Grayscale, rather than color images.

  4. Color Is Deceptive- Colors are complex. The human eye finds it challenging to identify different shades and colors because it is a subjective matter and it also depends on the camera, lights, color calibration, etc. So universally Grayscale is an acknowledged forma when it comes to PDF.

Introduction To The FlashScan Application

After knowing the benefits of the Grayscale PDF file, let’s introduce you to the best PDF maker app-FlashScan that offers brilliant post-scan filters. Apart from that it gives many useful features. Here are post-scan editing filters of FlashScan.

  • Grayscale – FlashScan’s Grayscale filter is the most impressive editing tool. You can instantly give your scans the formal-professional look with this filter. Apart from that FlashScan offers other attractive filters.

  • Original – This filter keeps your scans as it is but enhances the clarity and gives you sharp looking scans.

  • Magic color – Do you want to add vibrant color effects to your scans? FlashScan offers a captivating magic color option to give your scans a striking look.

  • Black & White 1 – Use this filter when you want to add a timeless effect to your scans.

  • Black & White 2– This filter may look like a simple black and white editing tool, but actually, it works more than that. It clears the background noise of the image and then gives it the classic black and white look.

How Can You Convert Color PDF To Grayscale?

Do you want your scans with Grayscale? Well, getting such scans is a child’s play with FlashScan. This app offers a straightforward interface with easy navigation and fast working. 

First of all download FlashScan, the most popular PDF converter app. It is easy to install and set up the app. Now follow, below-mentioned steps to get grayscale scans with FlashScan.

  • Step 1: Go to the Home screen of the app. As you are a new user the dashboard will be empty.

  • Step 2: You can scan new documents using the camera/media button displayed on the dashboard. You can also use OCR or QR /Barcode scanner if you require it.

  • Step 3: Tap on the Doc Scanner to scan a new document or to convert your color PDF to grayscale

  • Step 4: Select the camera or media button to scan or to add documents to the screen.

  • Step 5: After scanning, users can apply post-scan filters directly from this screen. Original is the by default filter that keeps the document as it is.

  • Step 6: Tap on the Grayscale to apply the Grayscale filter.

  • Step 7: Save the new changes and as per your requirements you can also apply post-scan operations such as rename, save as PDF file, share, etc.

That’s it! Converting a colored document to the Grayscale is simple with FlashScan.

More About FlashScan – The Best PDF Converter App

FlashScan is an all-inclusive free scanner app that offers an array of features. Here are some of the other useful functionalities of this PDF converter app.

  • FlashScan is a comprehensive scanner app that lets you scan different types of documents easily.

  • It is an intuitive OCR scanner that offers precise image to text conversion with translation support. FlashScan supports more than 50 languages for text conversion.

  • It is an excellent QR and Barcode scanner app.

  • It is the best scanner app that supports batch scans with ease.

  • You can also use this PDF creator app to generate different sizes of PDF files. It offers Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4( default page size) and A5 page sizes.

  • FlashScan enables you to view your created PDFs with a PDF viewer.

  • This PDF creator lets you encrypt your PDFs with a password.

  • With Anti-counterfeit features, it lets you place a custom watermark on PDFs for image security.

  • Users can easily scan their signature and easily place it on the Image or PDFs.

Apart from these, FlashScan offers many other useful features. Such as Sort By, Easy save,share, rename, delete operations, Favorite documents, Recent documents etc. It is one of the
best free scanner apps that can be your one stop scanning solution.

Concluding Notes

Grayscale scans form an integral part of our professional life.. Do not compromise with the quality of the Grayscale filter. So, if you are looking for a feature-rich tool then we recommend  you to choose FlashScan, the best PDF creator app that offers impressive  post-scan filters.

This PDF converter app
can convert your Android devices into an instant Professional PDF generator.