How can I extend my house cheaply?

Some many ways and ideas can easily facilitate your house extension within the limits of your budget. From recyclable material to the inexpensive remodelling ideas, you have many options to choose from. Here are some general suggestions applicable to all types of requirements that you can consider.

Pre-plan- the ultimate precondition

Yes, pre-planning comes at the first point in importance because house extension is not a small thing. It demands organised planning and arrangement of the budget. Most important is to achieve certainty on every aspect, and for that, all your ideas and preparations should get on a paper. Your plan of action becomes a guide that you can follow once the extension part starts.

·         Make a budget

·         Decide the scale or size of extension (how many square yards you can manage to extend)

·         Distribute the work in quick tasks and the long-term ones

·         Talk to a friend who has gone through the house extension experience

Explore the market for affordable construction material

You should know that which store in the market keeps the cheapest construction material. However, this does not mean that you compromise with quality. Online as well as field research, both are important because good things have not slaved to any particular platform. Maybe a good shop that you cannot find online can be detected when you walk through the market.

A side extension to add some more for varied purposes

If in left or right of your kitchen/bedroom /house, you have an extra space then extend your home up to that space. It is one of the most affordable house extension plans that one can try without putting much money in the policy.

You will need to break only a wall, perhaps and then take the extra space inside the home.  You can either keep it familiar with the other part of the house or can create a separate space with another wall.  Simple cardboard or if you can afford easily concrete wall can provide separation.

The side extension can be used for many purposes such as –

·         Kitchen dining

·         Study room

·         Home office

·         Laundry space etc.

A small scale house extension does not take much time, and within a week or two, you can get things done quickly. The average cost that comes in this type of change is £2000 to £5000. But it all depends on your needs. If you want a more significant area to be covered and also need some installations in the space, the cost increases.

Keep the architecture traditional or conventional

When it comes to house construction or extension the cost increases when you ask for the modern design and interior. To keep the cost low, it is advisable to stay familiar and do not try new models while extending to a new space. 

To take an example – the classic brick look is typical but very popular. Also, it is never outdated and makes good chemistry with every trend or fashion in house construction. Also, the simple cemented look of the walls is something that can reduce your cost of the house extension.

Wood shingle  

Adding a wood shingle is never costly, and from the construction time to the construction cost, everything fits your budget. It is also in fashion since long, and even in the coming decades, there are no signs that people can avoid them.

These are like wooden cabins that can fit in any space, whether small or big. It is usually added like an extra part in the outer area of a house. It has its existence as an external part of a space. The Shingle gives you the space of a single extra room. In short, you will be adding just a small room that is multipurpose and is certainly not heavy on your pocket. Only a wooden room!!

Keep the interior simple

From installations of new home appliances to the table, chair etc. things, keep the interior simple. Do not buy expensive fixtures and fittings. The online shopping options are full of cheaper stuff that you can buy and can make the space look elegantly different.

From a study table to the couch, if the new furniture is in the plan, then buy the inexpensive things. The design is an important aspect. Keeping high expectations on the design part will also increase the price you pay.  


You are never out of ideas when it comes to a house extension. There are so many things to try; however, if you are out of funds, then personal loans to the remortgage options are open to obtain funds. Any refinance mortgage broker in the UK, can solve your purpose. All the above ideas can help you extend the house from minimum of £1000 to £15000.

Summary:- Read about the exciting ideas on how to do your home extension with minimum expenses. Keep things clear, make a strategy, and you can carry on with your plans.