Hottest Collectible Cars To Purchase And Own

With any investment, the money can get in quickly, buys are low and hopefully the sales are high. This is additionally true if you are looking forward to building a portfolio of collectible cars. While old Ferraris can place well-heeled collectors back exactly into seven figures, you do not need to be greatly wealthy to own a possibly pricey vintage ride.

As per the experts, there are some cars that could greatly become the subsequent hot items at a conventional car auction trading for reasonably cost-effective prices.

1996-2002 Dodge Viper GTS

This is one of the antique domestic sports cars ever made. The Dodge Viper assisted to bring Chrysler back to fame due to its heavy-handed muscular styling and V10-flavoured performance. When it came to sophistication and comfort, it was lacking a bit compared to other sports cars at that time, however, gave tough competition in terms of the heart pounding acceleration.

Volkswagen Corrado

Earlier, this car was a more stylish and livelier version to the Golf hatchback based on which it was made. This car is pricey when new, but sells to a great extent in excellent condition. Normally, a Corrado from the 1900s can be bought around $5,700-$8,000.


1999-2005 Ferrari 360 Spider

This car has a knack for building in importance down the road. Styled by Pininfarina, this sports car’s design, gorgeous and stylish, has aged well and is gaining higher reputation as a vintage collectible car than used as an exotic possession. A large number of these cars are presently being covered under vintage auto policies other than a regular driver insurance. A 2000 model of this car is estimated at $82,200-$89,600. This is approx half the price it is sold for when it is new.

1994-98 Ducati 916

This iconic Ducati is known for its curvaceous cladding and timeless beauty. Vehicle enthusiasts consider this as one of the collectors due to its sheet aesthetics. It is hailed as one of the most attractive vehicles ever built. You can find a 1995 model in the market for $10,700-$13,300.

1971-80 International Harvester Scout

Old SUVs with vintage designs have been turning out to popular among car collectors lately, with older Toyota FJ40s and Ford Broncos being in notable demand. Experts say that the unabashedly boxy International Harvester Scout is also gaining high popularity among others and is increasing in value. The greatest problem here is that many have already been rusted out and we’re shifted to automobile graveyards. Maximum of them that survived require extensive restoration. A 1979-vintage Scout sells in the $25,500-$32,500 in good condition whereas it goes for a mere $7,212 when new.

1988-91 Honda CRX Si

Affordable, quick and imbued with active handling abilities, the funkiest rendition of the front drive vehicle was highly popular back in some days. As per the experts, younger collectors growing with a CRX Si are additionally showing their interest in this vehicle. One 1989 model of this car is reaching its value around $11,200-$15,300.


1997-2001 Acura Integra Type R

This is one of those cars that some of them wish to be still in production. The Type R of the car was the sportiest Integra – you can reveal from its big rear-wing spoilers and is stated to be one of the best handling front wheel driving models ever constructed. Regrettably, this is one of those Type Rs in top shape are tough to find, not to state pricey, with an example from the 2000 year model estimated at $40,700-$51,200.

1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee

The rugged styling of this car is something that makes it more appealing to young purchasers than Ford Explorers of the identical era. Additionally, it is both affordable and plentiful in the resale market. The estimated cost for this is $7,600-$10,400.

1998-2002 BMW M Roadster

This classic European open-air two seater BMW from the 1960s is one of the sportiest rendition of the BMW’s Z3 model. The value of this car has increased by 22 to 31 percent based on the model year. Furthermore, the roadsters are in a greater condition and they are selling for approximately half the value of comparable M Couples including a 1999 example estimated at $21,000-$27,200.


1970-76 Porsche 914

This is one of the older Porsches and is the cheapest vintage model. This car was made in link with Volkswagen as per younger enthusiasts. It is estimated at $32,900-$50,500.