High-Tech Technology That Will Dominate New Age

As decades changes, technologies change too, from just an abacus now we are moving towards AI. Let’s talk about the new high tech technologies that are about to or might just have hit the market already. A few of them are mentioned below, let’s check.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) – Will Dominate Life In A Decade

Intelligence illustrated by machines that contrasts with natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. AI is getting importance day by day because Artificial intelligence is monopolizing life drastically

Human dependence on AI is increasing day by day because of its ability to simulate human intelligence and also perform tasks like recognizing images, decision making, speeches, and patterns, etc. AI is reliable because it is more accurate in prediction and calculation than humans.

Artificial Intelligence

Every developed country is mostly America where 5 out of 6 people use AI every day, one way or another. These services include navigation, rideshare apps, smartphone assistants/ digital assistants, etc. Artificial Intelligence is also used to predict train timing, weather reporting, online trading, etc.

The time is near when robots will replace humans and will be able to work alongside humans. For example, the autonomous driving facilities are an example of Artificial Intelligence. This facility is likely to hit markets in the next decade. Navigating and GPS in cars are grade 4 AI. When we move up the ladder to grade 5, robots will be able to drive cars and we could just sit. Something similar to the bond movies!

An estimate says automation will lead to a loss of 73 million jobs by 2030. Now, the question lies do we want such a huge number of unemployed people or we should just get smart enough?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality- The Future Is Here

Virtual reality truly means sometimes that is virtual but seems real, or it might be termed as “near-reality”. When something made up together creates a real like simulation, it can be termed as virtual reality. Augmented reality comes into the scene when a computer superimposes an image and creates a real-like image and thus delivering us an amalgamated belief.

When both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality come together it tries to produce a virtual reality that is not real but still, it feels real. VR fascinates the user in an environment and AR boosts the environment.

VR still now has been used for gaming purposes and in some developed countries like the USA, it is used for training. Virtualships, a virtual simulation software, used to train US Navy, Captains, and Coast Guards.

Did you play Pokemon Go? It is an example of AR. Both of these technologies together have the potential to change the world. These two have effectiveness in the field of education, cinema, marketing, entertainment, training purposes, and so on. Also, this is used to train doctors for surgeries. Google, Samsung, and many other tech giants are gearing up to expand their research and launch products that can change the whole concept of technology. A new set of skilled laborers are required for future technological researches. Engineers trained in this new skill will have high demand in the market, it’s just the period of a decade maybe.


Blockchain is nothing similar to cryptocurrency because you can just add data to it, you cannot take it away or change it. Bitcoin, cryptocurrency are not very similar, except the fact that all these are very secure. Blockchain provides security and is useful in many other ways. Blockchain is known as a blockchain because it basically forms a chain of data because we can keep on adding to the existing data. One of the most important features of blockchain is, you can not change the previous data and that is what makes it so secured.


Jobs related to blockchain are the second-fastest-growing category of his in the world. The job of a blockchain developer is specializing in generating and executing architecture and solutions employing blockchain technology. If you are thinking of studying technology, gear up for becoming a blockchain technologist/ specialist.

Robotic Process Automation – Next-Gen Learning

Similar to AI and Machine Learning, RPA is a new branch of automation. When anyone wants to interpret the processing, applications, transactions, replying to emails, and even dealing with data, all these can be done using RPA to automate business processes. It helps to do the repetitive tasks that previously humans had to do.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA can become a threat to 240 million people or more because it will take the place of humans. 9% of the workforce will be eradicated if RPA comes into being. You can opt for this career because it is the future of IT and Computer Science and Technology. These jobs pay off well around, $73000 in the beginning to $151000! Why should you try learning it?


It is basically a way to protect your data, information, programs from any unauthorized access, attack, or damage. Cybersecurity has been there for a long time, it’s just that with time, the security measures are changing and advancing in their process of working. The data thieves are not at ease, they are also updating themselves regularly to cope up with the technological advances by Cybersecurity officers and institutes.

This is an emerging field for tech students. If you’re willing to take up learning-related technology, be a savior and study yeh essentials of cybersecurity because the world will need more powerful protections in the future.

Wrapping Up

Well, these are not just the only technologies that will dominate the new age, there are other technologies like loT, Machine Learning, Edge Computing, and so on. Therefore if you know about any other technologies that can dominate the future, write the latest tech blogs to follow, by learners.