Here Are Our Recommendations On the Best Podiatry EMR Software

What Is A Podiatry EMR Software?

A podiatry EMR is a software utilized by podiatrists to provide better care in their practices. The software is specially customized to deal with the needs of a podiatrist clinic, meaning the features are designed to aid in the care of the foot and all related areas. 

How to Choose The Right Podiatry EMR

When you are choosing an EMR for your podiatry practice, you will have to keep in mind a couple of things – read podiatry EMR reviews, check out recommendations, and more. As mentioned above, the right EMR for you will need to be able to adapt and provide the features you need to carry out your work effectively. 

Of course, you need to keep an eye out for the core features that give you the benefits that any EMR promises – this includes managing patient records, practice management, administrative tasks, billing, scheduling, and much more. 

Aside from that, your Podiatry EMR will also need you to be able to share patient details with labs, pharmacies, imaging centers, and other providers. You will also need features to specifically tackle podiatry needs, so you can continue to provide specialized care. 

Top Podiatry Features to Look Out For

When looking for software that can aid in a podiatry clinic, there are some features to consider. According to what we’ve seen in podiatry EMR reviews, it is essential that practices use an EMR that allows them to either choose or create forms that can include essential specific information that relates to podiatry. 

Because podiatrists often utilize a lot of imaging results to draw conclusions and create diagnoses, it is essential that the software can also integrate with imaging centers and expedite the process of waiting for results. Lastly, a good podiatry EMR software will also include a patient portal to improve the doctor-patient relationship. 

What Are Some of the Best Podiatry EMR Software?

athenahealth EMR


athenahealth EMR is a record maintenance system that has been created for all kinds pf physician practices and hospital systems that allow them to carry out practice management, clinical documentation, and improved patient care. 

With athenahealth, you can improve communication between patients and their doctors, along with communication with other providers. You can analyze data about the clinic to create better financial decisions about the clinic in the future. 


As far as it goes for podiatry EMR reviews, athenahealth has garnered a significant name for itself, with some of the top recommendations by reviewers being that it has easy-to-use features, clear navigation, good customer support, and a great value for money. 

eClinicalWorks EMR


eClinicalWorks is a software suite that aims to organize the process of managing documentation, engagement, and more at any clinic. It is an innovative software that focuses on creating solutions that are customizable and flexible, and fit into different settings. 

eClinicalWorks boasts a powerful customer support system, and is accessible for clients on their tablets, mobile devices, and more, with just a few taps here and there, and an active internet connection. 


The reviews for eClinicalWorks EMR state that it is an easy-to-use software, and that some of its top features include scheduling tools and documentation criteria. Overall it is said to be a good value for money and has important benefits for any podiatry clinic. 

Cerner EMR


Cerner EMR is a cloud-based software that offers various features to small and medium-sized practices. Cerner aims to aid practitioners as they make decisions based on real evidence collected throughout the nation and through their own practice as well.

The software is designed to improve communication between staff, patients, providers, and other bodies using secure means to avoid errors in the dispersal of treatment and the utilization of modern technology. The software can be used to automatically schedule the clinic and reduce turnaround time. 


Podiatry EMR reviews for Cerner let us know that it’s top attractions are the fact that it works well with small businesses, can be used intuitively by most of the people in the staff, and that it has tools that allow information input in various ways, including the speech-to-text features. 

What Software do Podiatry EMR Reviews Recommend?


According to the podiatry EMR reviews, these solutions are the top in their game and a handy tool for podiatrists. However, we cannot make a recommendation for you without knowing exactly the details of your podiatry clinic. Instead, you can read through more podiatry EMR reviews and check out demos to see which software works for you.