Hair Tricks: How to Make Your Wavy Hair Look Thicker?

Many of those with wavy hair can find their hair become flat and wavy. Although Curly and wavy hair tends to have more volume than straight hair, it can fall flat and become lifeless due to humidity, dryness, and being overweight with products.


  1. Trim your hair

A good haircut can do wonders do the health of your hair, and can often make wavy hair look fuller and longer. Split ends will pull the waves out and make them straighter. Remember, the hair will grow back. Not only will your hair grow back, but it will also grow back more quickly if it isn’t being weighed down by damaged split ends.

No amount of mousse and scrunching can fix a shapeless haircut. Speak to your hairstylist about a wavy to a curly friendly haircut that encourages your waves, not holds them back. Get a cut that fits your hair type and density.

Layering haircuts typically releases dead weight, and create movement. Point-cutting layers help to encourage movement by taking weight out of the ends and allowing the natural waves and curls to form more easily.

A quick way of changing the shape of your hair without getting cut is to part your hair on the opposite to usual after it’s washed. When your hair is almost dry flip it back to your regular side and sees all the added volume at the crown.


  1. Wash and Conditioner Hair Correctly

The beginning of the journey to bringing wavy hair back to life starts in life. Make sure you use a lightweight volumizing shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t contain sulfates or silicones. Once a week use a clarifying shampoo to stop product build-up weighing down your hair without stripping any color.

Every time you wet your hair you should use shampoo but never use it on the scalp. Only use conditioner from mid-length to the ends, using on the roots will only make them greasy and limp. Volumizing shampoo and conditioners can be drying when used every day, but your scalp can produce enough oil to naturally balance the moisture out. Shampoo every three to four days to help your wavy hair stop looking so flat and limp. 


  1. Use the Right Styling Products

Apply a volumizing whip or mousse on wet hair to help get that volume. Comb a small palm-sized dollop of product from root to ends, any more will weight your hair down and leave that crunchy feeling behind.

If you have wavy hair to curly stay away from heavyweight products like oils, pomades, and waxes as they will weigh your hair down with product. Use a texturizer on damp or dry hair to define wavy hair. Use a diffuser after applying to get that desirable bounce.

The longer and thicker your hair is, you should use a product with a thicker consistency. If you have medium to fine hair use lighter formulas to stop your hair from being flattened by the weight of products.


  1. Care for Waves Overnight

If you have wavy hair, a basic two-strand braid will help maintain the texture overnight. Loosely braid or twist your damp hair before applying a sea salt spray to maintain your original curl pattern.

We recommend investing in a silk or satin pillow that will keep your hair in control and your skin soft. Its smooth surface prevents friction for your hair, one of the main causes of hair damage like split ends. Cotton pillowcases absorb all the moisture from the hair, leaving curls and waves frizzy, undefined, and flat. If you like sleeping with your wavy hair loose, a satin pillowcase is a quick fix.

  1. Scrunch 

Take a golf ball size dollop of mousse and lather it in your hand. Lift a palmful of your wavy hair and scrunch your locks upwards. This will help encouraged volume in waves.

Use less mousse on your roots to stop it becoming weighed down with product. If you use just a small amount of product, you can use mousse on your roots every day. Work the mousse into your hair using an ‘S’ shape to encourage the waves. Use small sections of hair when using the s motion and minimal mousse. 


  1. Calm Down on The Heat Tools

The main reason your wavy or curly hair is flat is that they gave been dry and brittle. Overusing heat on your hair can change the curl pattern, to regain it you will need to air dry more and ditch the hot styling tools.


With some small changes to your hair routine, you can stop your gorgeous waves from looking lifeless and limp. Get regular haircuts, drop the heating tools, and invest in a range of wavy hair girl friendly products to stop those waves flattening. Also, You can try some amazing hairstyles for thick wavy hair to make it look more voluminous.