Hair Care Routine To Get Back The Voluminous Natural Wavy Hair

When a girl has naturally black wavy hair, you may easily think she is not facing any problems with volume. Just like many others, you might silently adore and dream of getting hairstyles for wavy hair as well, not knowing the struggles of maintaining them. 


If you desire to have wavy hair with bangs, for example, you might fail to realize how getting the volume at roots is trickier than it seems. If your wavy hair seems to fall flat, you will actually be pleased to know it’s mainly about the technique rather than particular products. 



Hair Care Routine Must Be Change


If you have curly hair, you need to toss out all your fine-tooth comb and hairbrushes. You need to find a good wide-tooth comb to detangle or style your healthy curls. Your fingers are always a handy tool for a quick fix. Don’t wash your hair very frequently. Don’t use a lot of shampoos because it may deprive your hair of natural hair oils making them look dehydrated. Make it a habit to detangle your hair while the conditioner is still in your hair. This will make your hair more manageable while styling. Don’t go crazy with the towel. It may make your hair frizzy. It’s always better to let your hair air dry instead of using a blow dryer or diffuser. That slow drying process will retain your curls longer. Don’t brush or comb your curls once it’s completely dry.


Hair Care Shampoo For Wavy Hair 

The first step to getting rid of a flat roots hair look is to find a hair professional who can give you a precision haircut to help balance your natural texture patterns. An expert can cut or trim your wavy hair to encourage it to form natural curl clumping patterns, you will be on your way to eliminating your flat roots. A haircut with more layers can also reduce the look of flat, wavy roots.


Clarify your hair

Keep your wavy hair clean to avoid any buildup near the roots. Use a clarifying shampoo to wash your hair. This will prevent that greasy look near the roots. Try rinsing your hair upside down. It will set your hair roots for lifting up.


Avoid Heat-Styling Use Heatless Method For Natural Wavy Hair 

Use regular pin curl clips, to lift the shoulder-length wavy hair from roots. The clips hold up the curls at the roots while the wavy hair dries up naturally. You need to experiment and trial the clips in different parts of your hair and clip up different amounts of hair to see what really works for you.


Avoid making a parting on the same side

All of us have a place where our hair likes to take parting naturally and we usually wear that part every day. This may make the roots of that place look flat and lifeless. So, try making a parting on the other side. This will give your roots a break. Moreover, the new parting will give you more volume at the roots.


Scrunch and fluff your hair

Make it a habit to scrunch and fluff your wet and wavy hair. This gives an instant volume to your shoulder length wavy hair and a lift to your roots.


Using lightweight products


Always go for a lightweight volumizing hair care product. Using too much hair products will make your hair limp and look flat. If you want volume near the roots you should put as little hair products as possible.



If you use a diffuser to dry your shoulder length wavy hair, they have so much more volume and bigger curl definition. Diffuse your hair upside down and flip it side to side. You may use the little protruding grips inside the diffuser to ‘lift’ the roots while drying. Anchor the diffuser in your wavy hair, near the roots, and then move the diffuser up an inch or two, lifting it at the root. This dries the roots at a ninety-degree angle to your head, creating volume. If your hair is really limp, try gentle backcombing near the roots. By making slight changes in your daily hair care routine, you can actually save the roots of your wavy hair from falling flat. 



Recovering from flat, wavy roots is not impossible. With simple techniques and routines such as diffusion, use of light-weight products, a change in daily hair care processes and avoiding parting on the same side of the head always would help make this a reality. 

Volume is obviously key to recovering from flat roots, so do whatever you can in your power to get your hair filled up with more volume as possible. 


If you have thicker wavy hair, you might consider the use of afro picks and other tools if it won’t be a bother to your scalp. You can even try Indique Wavy hair extensions to get instant voluminous hair. Grab the best deal now.