7 major benefits of freelancing jobs to look for

In this post-pandemic world, most people believe that freelancing is the future of work, and they are not entirely wrong. Many people lost their stable jobs and are facing serious financial issues as an aftereffect of the covid 19 pandemic. That is why they are mostly learning how to become a freelancer and are opting for freelancing online jobs as a means of sustenance.

As per research, it seems like the work trend is here to stay since more than 60% of freelancers are earning more than they used to earn at their previous jobs and so they are deciding to go solo. Let us check out some of the statistics that show the adoption of freelancing over these years:

  • Freelancers make up to 5% of American GDP.
  • A report by Upwork stated that the majority of the workforce will be freelancing by 2027.
  • Google’s workforce consists of 46% permanent employees and almost 54% freelancers.

One can easily understand the sign when it is suitable to quit his job and become a freelancer. But before doing that he should be aware of the benefits of freelancing since this decision has the potential to be life-changing either in a negative or in a positive way.

So here we are providing you with 7 major benefits of becoming a freelancer.

1)Flexible Working Hours

The best thing about freelancing online jobs is that you have the flexibility to do your work wherever you want and whenever you want. You can be the boss of your own company and select your own working hours. If you want to sleep in the afternoon or want to start the work from noon or want to take the weekend off, you are free to do that.

As a freelancer, you can work and make the most of your productive hours and those hours don’t need to fall in during regular hours. You will also have the liberty to select the type of clients and projects that you want to work with. You can avoid working with aggressively difficult clients. Thus you can work freely and don’t need to listen to someone.

2)It allows you to break the monotony

Regular jobs in most cases make us do the same kind of work every day. It almost feels like we are stuck in a loop of monotonous work with no escape. But with a freelance lifestyle, the ball is in your court. This is because you can freely choose and mix up your clients and projects. 

You will have the flexibility of not only choosing the kind of work that you want to do but also the office hours. Freelancing mainly helps to customize your own routine and you will not have to depend on the clock for eating lunch or taking a tea break.

3)It allows broadening your skillset

Freelance online work provides you the opportunity to work on diverse projects and this will definitely help you to learn new things. It basically helps you to come out of your comfort zone and work on things that you always wanted to but were a little hesitant about. 

Another best thing about freelancing is that it provides you the scope to focus on other things apart from work.

Like many young professionals are doing certain courses or having side businesses, but they get very little time to focus on those because of the workload of their regular jobs. Freelancing jobs provide you the opportunity to choose the workload and focus on other things that you are passionate about. You can select projects that are light and leave you with time and energy to work on other things.

4)You can keep all the profits

In the case of a freelancing job, you will not have to work for a particular salary or payment. You will don,t have to wait to get a particular share, you will have the entire profit. You will get to allocate all the profits from both small and large projects and clients. Freelance provides you the opportunity to use that money for improving yourself and your business. 

5)It provides the opportunity for multiple sources of income

The best thing about freelancing online jobs is that there is absolutely no limit to how much you can earn.

You will have the freedom to deal with numerous projects at the same time and earn as much as you can. Dealing with multiple projects will provide you with the opportunity to have multiple sources of income. Thus you can stay productive and mine more cash at the same time. There are many freelancers who have polished their skills over the years and managed to earn lakhs by working a few days a week and by picking multiple projects at the same time. 

6)The permanent work from home life

There are many people who are almost accustomed to this work-from-home culture and want to continue this in the future also. For them, a freelancing job is the only option that can provide them the opportunity to work from the comfort of their home. Most people nowadays prefer a flexible work style and freelancing can only provide that scope. Even when the offices will re-open,

you can still work from wherever you prefer with a freelancing job. Thus as a freelancer, you can enjoy permanent work from home life.

7)Global Exposure

A freelancer is not bound by geographical locations and has the facility to work from anywhere and also get work from anywhere all over the world. You can work with clients from different countries and learn about different work cultures and styles of communication. One can easily develop meaningful work relationships which will help you to widen your network and diversify your connections. You may also get a chance to interact with other freelancers while working on a project and the best thing is that you can experience the global workforce from the comfort of your house.


Freelancing has both merits and demerits like any other profession. On one hand, freelancing means professional freedom, and on the other hand, it also means instability and risk of failure. So you will have to make the decision whether you want to take the risk and enjoy the benefits or you don’t want to give it a chance.