Miraculous Fitness Trends Of 2020

The fitness realm is as fast-moving as the fashion industry when it comes to changing trends. Be it eating regimen, fitness wear, or workout routines, the changing trends make the fitness world a hot topic throughout the year.

Are you into fitness? Are you the most happy and excited when it comes to staying fit and healthy? If yes, you’ve come to the right space. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the fitness trends that are going to hit top charts in 2020:

Fitness tech will remain undisputed

Fitness tech isn’t going anywhere, it’s here to stay in 2020. In fact, fitness tech is speculated to be as interesting as never before. The fitness world will see a significant rise in trendy and feature-packed fitness bands and watches. Other fitness gadgets such as posture corrector device and muscle toners will be around the bend.

Fitness meets virtual reality gaming

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get physical exercises while playing your favourite digital games. This may sound like a wishful thinking but it’s not, not at least with the conjunction of fitness and virtual reality gaming.

In 2020, gaming companies will take digital gaming a notch higher by integrating real physical exercise. What’s interesting to know is there are already companies that have launched gaming consoles that require players to do certain combinations of physical movement that are all part of the gameplay. Such gaming consoles allow players to enjoy an immersive gaming experience as well as help them burn calories in a healthy way.

Workplace fitness is on the march

Employee wellness programs have now become a norm, and physical fitness is a crucial part of this big cultural shift. Organisations worldwide (small, medium, and enterprise-level) are now integrating physical fitness spaces in the workplace infrastructure as part of focusing on the employees’ overall wellbeing. 2020 will see more organisation becoming a part of this change.

Fitness social media influencers will get strong on their content game

Are you constantly fascinated by the posts your favourite fitness influencers put up? If yes, you’re in for more surprise as their content game is only getting stronger this year. Considering the competition amongst fitness social media influencers, you can expect to see more informative videos, insightful live video sessions, bigger brand collaborations, and yes of course, more contests and giveaways.

Improvements in fitness-related social media content also means more people are likely to get motivated to hit the gym and improve their overall fitness.

Planning the right workout regime will be a breeze

Wish you could accurately track changes in your body so that you can plan your workout regime accordingly? It’ll all be possible in 2020. There are several artificial intelligence-based apps that tweak your workout routine based on your feedbacks and data provided by fitness trackers. It’s safe to speculate that in 2020, workout planner apps will sync with your phone’s calendar and use your fitness data to present to you the perfect workout regimen.

Fitness goals more than just shedding extra weight

In 2020, fitness goals of many people will not just be limited to sharing few extra pounds. Instead, the trend is going to evolve into newer territories such as muscle gaining, muscle toning, and muscle retention. In other words, strength training will see a rise in popularity.

So, if you have plans to hit the gym this year, you can’t go wrong in including strength training in your fitness regimen.

Active recovery will the fitness success mantra

Taking a long rest after giving your best at the gym or in a sport is something we all naturally gravitate towards. However, serious fitness devotees aren’t going to take the easy way out in 2020 as active recovery will be their new mantra.

Although not an entirely uncharted area, active recovery wasn’t much of a trend in 2019. But 2020 will see more fitness devotes including active recovery in their fitness regimen. The rule of thumb of active recovery is to do a combination of low-intensity exercises after playing a sort or working out. Compared to taking complete rest, active recovery has better muscle retention. With active recovery, the fitness results you achieve will be long-lasting.