4 most expensive photographs around the world

Photographs are no less of an art and photographers are no less of an artist. It’s true photographs that we get to live our memories, capture a moment in time, and even soak in the essence of history and good old days of the past. In the world of photographs, there are some unique, rare, and expensive photographs that are as valuable as diamonds and precious gems. Similarly, there are photographers that use photography as an art to express their creativity. 

And if you are a lover of all things photography, it goes without saying that it’s interesting to learn about the most expensive photographs and photographers. And this post is all about that. Check out some of the expensive photographs and highest-paid photographers in this post: 

1. Billy the kid picture sold for 2.3 million

When it comes to the most expensive photographs, we usually think of the ones that capture the unmistakable beauty of nature or other artistic elements. However, the Billy the kid photograph is a completely different story altogether. The picture is a photograph of a Wild West outlaw named Billy the kid believed to took during the 19 century. 

It is believed that the portrait photo was taken in New Mexico, either in 1880 or 1879 in Fort Sumner. One of the main reasons why the portrait photo is of high value is it is one of the early and true representations of the western theme and the Wild West story. 

2. Red morning hate 

Throughout history, we have learned that photography is one of the best ways to capture the essence of social activism and social and political movements around the world. One such photograph is the red morning hate taken by photographers Gilbert and George. 

The photograph is based on several social activisms during the 1970s in Britain and combines several elements of firefighter strikes, police, and punk rock. During an auction, the photograph sold for $1,805,000. 

3. Pyongyang III

Capturing a festival through photography is an art in itself. And one of the best examples of this is Pyongyang III. This expensive photograph was taken by a German-born photographer named Andreas Gursky who is also one of the highest-paid photographers in the world. 

It captures the Arirang festival of North Korea in great detail and in an artistic way. What’s most interesting to know is that the photograph is a series of photographs that Andreas has taken over the years that encapsulates the beauty of the festival in North Korea. 

4. The Pond Moonlight

We all know that vintage paintings are one of the most valuable types of paintings in the world and have high auction value. This is the same with vintage photographs, with one of the most valuable being the pond moonlight which was taken way back in 1904. 

The photograph was taken by Edward Steichen and was developed using light-sensitive gums to make sure that the photo was not a typical black-and-white picture and that it included multiple colors. This expensive photograph sold for $2,928,000 at an auction in February 2006. This also makes Edward Steichen one of the highest-paid photographers in the world.