Essential Things to Know About Cleaning And Preserving A Wedding Dress

Before making any kind of rash decision with one of the most prized possessions from your big wedding day, you want to be certain you have no remaining questions left to answer. After all, you want to make the most well-informed decision possible. We know that sending off your most prized wedding day possession to an online wedding preservation company can be difficult for some brides.


However, once you familiarize yourself with the benefits of doing that, you will quickly see how much better of an option it is than taking it to a dry-cleaning service in your area. It’s important to recognize that your cleaning service is typically doing the same thing. Most services don’t have the expertise nor the equipment to handle it on their own.


Therefore, they are likely sending it off to a professional for it to be cleaned and preserved themselves. The entire process of cleaning and preserving a wedding dress requires delicate handling and the right expertise and equipment. This is something a dry service will typically not have. Because of this, it can end up taking longer and it can end up costing more.


In this article, we will be going over some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding wedding dress preservation. Along with this, we will be going over some of the things you should know about what happens after your dress is sent to the preservation company. By the end, you will have peace of mind knowing exactly what your dress is going through when you decide to do it.


What Exactly Is Wedding Dress Preservation?


Wedding dress preservation is the process of getting a dress cleaned and preserved after the wedding. The entire purpose of this process is to keep the dress looking as it did when you first wore it. Without professional cleaning and preservation measures taken, your dress will have stains set in and eventually begin to yellow.


One of the main reasons why brides opt for this type of gown preservation is to keep their dress looking as good as possible for a future generation. That way, a future generation will be able to enjoy the same quality that you once enjoyed yourself. It can be a very generous and rewarding gift to give a future bride.


The process of how to preserve wedding dresses is a complex flow yet very detailed. First, the dress needs to be professionally cleaned. This part of the process helps to remove the stains that you got on your dress during your big day. There may be visible stains and even stains that aren’t visible that need to be removed. From there, a multi-staged preservation process occurs.


In the past, this process was done with dangerous dry-cleaning agents including PERC. Since then, that method has become outdated. Likewise, the machines traditionally used for this process have become much more advanced. Nowadays, there is better fabric cleaning technology for delicate garments. This has allowed much more effective processes to be developed which can remove all organic and inorganic staining from your dress safely and at a microscopic level.


Do I Have Different Options?


Yes, you do. You can choose from either our Traditional Wedding Gown Preservation Kit or our Celebrity Wedding Gown Preservation Kit. Each of these options allows you to fully customize your order. You can choose up to 5 different items that you want to preserve along with your gown. This can include your veil, a pocketbook, or even your shoes. Along with this, you will be able to customize your kit with either a photo or your name. That way, you will be able to showcase your favorite wedding photo along with your kit.


How Long Does It Take?


Preservation of wedding dress from start to finish usually takes 6 to 8 weeks. This will vary based on how busy it is during the year. If you have an upcoming event that requires you to get your delivery faster, we offer expedited services on all our kits.