7 important things to know about Enalapril for dogs

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is also common in animals and not just in humans. Among many domestic animals, hypertension is common among dogs. As it is in humans, keeping high blood pressure unchecked or unmanaged in dogs can lead to various types of heart complications, including cardiac arrest. This is where Enalapril comes in. Enalapril is a drug that has been using to help manage heart and kidney problems in dogs and cats. What’s most interesting to know is that Enalapril has a high level of efficacy and therefore works wonders in dogs as well as cats.

If you are planning to get Enalapril for your dog, here are 7 important things you should know:

1. Enalapril can work as a standalone drug

Due to a high level of efficacy, Enalapril can work as a standalone drug in dogs and cats for managing high BP complications, including heart problems, and kidney problems. The drug is designed to work by causing small blood vessels to expand.

And the dilation of small blood vessels lowers the overall blood pressure and relaxes the workload for the heart. The drug is best intended for use in dogs as the FDA has approved it specifically for dogs. 

2. Enalapril is highly safe for dogs

Although many online articles and forums suggest that Enalapril works perfectly fine in other domestic animals and pets, including cats, the drug is using for dogs. In fact, using Enalapril to treat heart problems in dogs has been the standard practice in veterinary and veterinary pharmaceuticals over the years. 

Although there’s no such thing as ‘Enalapril maleate for dogs,’ the drug has been categorizing to be highly safe for use specifically in dogs. With that being said, it’s best not to take Enalapril as an over-the-counter drug. It’s best to consult a veterinarian and/or visit a veterinary pharmacy in order to get a proper diagnosis of the heart problem and the medications that are needed alongside Enalapril.

3. Dosages for Enalapril for dogs

Enalapril is available in various dosages, including 20 MG, 10 MG, 5MG, and 2.5MG. Using Enalapril 2.5 mg for dogs is a standard practice in veterinaries and veterinary pharmacies. Just like the way it recommends us, it is important to first consult a veterinarian or a veterinary pharmacy in order to be better informed as to what dosage will be right for your dog.

Adhering to the right dosage recommended by a veterinarian or from a veterinary pharmacy is highly important as overdose can lead to palpitation. In many cases, administering Enalapril in high doses can also lead to low blood pressure in dogs which, in turn, can entail several health risks.

4. Medication for Enalapril for dogs

As a standard practice of administering medication for managing heart problems in dogs, most veterinarians and veterinary pharmacies combine various other drugs with Enalapril in order to improve the overall efficacy of the medication. 

In most cases, veterinarians combine Enalapril with Digoxin and Furosemide as part of preparing the overall medication for heart and kidney problems in dogs. 

5. Side effects of Enalapril

Similar to many drugs for hypertension and heart problems, Enalapril can have several side effects in many dogs. One of the most common side effects of it increases thirst. Therefore, it’s best to have fresh water ready for your dogs after administering Enalapril. 

Another common side-effect is loss of appetite. In order to combat appetite loss in your dog, treat him or her with his or her favorite snack or food in order to make mealtimes exciting. In extreme cases, lower blood pressure can be a major side effect of Enalapril. 

Some of the other side effects of Enalapril is including with dry mouth, elevated breathing, fever, increase duration, diarrhea, drowsiness, cough, and dizziness. 

6. Is Enalapril suitable for all types of dogs?

One of the common questions many dog owners have is whether it is suitable for all types of breeds. The general answer to this question is yes. In most cases, Enalapril can work safely and with a high level of efficacy in almost all types of dog breeds. 

It’s also important to note that dosages for Enalapril can vary from one dog to another, regardless of the breed type and gender type. And it’s the veterinarian who is the best person to determine the right to search for a particular dog depending on his or her heart problem and the level of its complication or severity. 

7. Is Enalapril for dogs available worldwide? 

Enalapril is available in most countries around the world. However, it may not be available in every country, especially ones that have a poor infrastructure for the healthcare of domestic and pet animals.