Buying Your First electric cycle? Follow These Tips

Summary: With the hype growing around electric bikes in the pandemic, more people are looking forward to exercising their hearts out in the lockdown. What can be a better companion than an electric cycle? 

Author Bio: Pooja is a fitness enthusiast and has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to electric bikes and cycles. She has been writing about them ever since she started her content writing journey. 

Electric cycles are turning out to be the quickest growing segment of the bike and cycle industry. While the sale of standard petrol bikes is either falling in every category or falling flat, electric bikes proceed to see multiple growth year after year. With their thrilling performance and ease of use, electric bikes are drawing more and more attention from first-time riders. If you consider purchasing an electric cycle and don’t know where to start, this article is for you. 

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Your First Electric Bike

It is simple to become overwhelmed when you take a glance at the sheer number of Electric bikes out there. Earlier, there were half a dozen companies to pick from and now there are thousands. Where do you start?

Consider your requirements

Electric cycles are designed for different purposes and different people. You need to choose what features you are looking for. If comfort is your key, then you need to consider a step-through frame. If hill climbing is what you are looking for, a high torque hub motor or middle motor system may be the best. If you ride long distances, make sure you buy an electric cycle with 400-watt hours or more. Acknowledging your personal requirements will help you choose the ideal features that matter most on your bike. 

Choose your electric bicycle manufacturer wisely

Purchasing electric cycles is much more than buying the product itself. You need to judge your point of purchase on three factors, quality, commitment, and vibe. By vibe, we mean the feeling that you get when you first walk into a store. Is the staff helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly? 

Commitment is where visible enthusiasm comes into play. Does the store have variety and is committed to electric bike movement that can help you test them? Then comes quality. Quality is the kind of bikes that the electric bicycle manufacturer is selling. Do they sell renowned brand names? You have to be sure that the manufacturer is within the business for the best reason and not just for making quick money. 

The warranty is all that matters

Purchasing your first e – bicycle can be a big investment, regardless of whether it is 10000 dollars or 1500 dollars. With a specified warranty, the buyer can rest assured that the investment happens to be worth it. You can reasonably expect a 2-year warranty on motor, battery, and parts from maximum manufacturers with products selling more than 2000 dollars. 

Expectations matter

As an electric cycle happens to be a revolutionary kind of transportation, make sure to go for quality electric bikes as they are useful, reliable as well as powerful. Your electric bicycle can be life-changing and it is up to you when it comes to setting your expectations high and getting the best. 

Believe in your intuition

It might appear like a host of contradictory data out there, and it is not far behind the truth. There are lots of opinions, many choices, and not much in the manner of trusted manufacturers that review and certify electric bikes in a systematic process. What should you do? Trusting your intuition is like setting your best foot forward in this case. If anything seems to be too good to be true, probably it is. If your electric bicycle is from a manufacturer you have never heard of and cannot discover any data on it, it’s better to go for the next. 

Purchase Local

If it is possible, make sure to purchase locally. You might have questions in the smoothest possible case or in the worst-case scenario you also might have problems, so you need to be at least within 50 miles of your store so that you can get help immediately. Other than that, local electric bicycle experts are likely to be there for you whenever you require them for years to come. 

Consider mountain bikes for adventure

If you want to feed the adventure junky in you, make sure to go for electric mountain bikes that are perfectly great for heading off-road and riding trails. However, do not consider driving them on the streets. Electric mountain bicycles can remain on the lower end of your price range and can be excellent commuter electric bikes. Such cycles are generally hardtails, indicating that they lack rear suspension. Rather, they usually come with a front suspension fork. But, the front suspension might not be sufficient for hardcore trail riding. They might not be sufficient for hard-core trail riding. 

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to actually make your bike jump through steep downhill curves, then the downsides of electric bikes may come into play. Such bikes are developed to a higher standard and are intended to withstand for years. 

Service always counts

Electric cycles are not just toys, they are sources of transportation. The quality of your electric cycle, irrespective of your drive system, happens to be doubly essential when you plan to ride it on a daily basis. While quality is important, you also need to be aware of the motor and parts as well. Make sure to research battery and motor brands. Keep in mind that if your bike is not tuned up and set up correctly, your bike quality simply won’t matter. Therefore, make sure to talk to your independent dealer about servicing after purchase and do miss any session of servicing to make your bike work well in the long run. 

Winding Up

This was our take on buying your first electric bike. The points mentioned above would be enough to feed your dilemma of helping you get the best bike for you.