Eames Chair Replica Buyer’s Guide!

The lounge chair is the staple product for a perfectly decorated living room. This is probably why you are looking for Eames Lounge Chair Replica. When it comes to Lounge chairs, this Eames chair has made its mark a perfect one in the market since its introduction back in 1956. The chair is an invention of Charles Eames. Today this chair is selling at $5000 under the trademark of Herman Miller Company. If you are here, we are sure you are either a fan of the design of this chair or are aware of the comfort it provides. Whatever the reason is, you for sure are looking for an Eames Lounge Chair Replica and are stuck with different options. As the popularity of this chair has grown, more and more furniture manufacturers have launched their Eames Lounge Chair Replicas in the market. When you go out looking for the Eames Lounge Chair knock-off, you will be amazed at the number of options you have. But how to find the perfect replica is the question here which we will be answering in the coming sections of this article.

How to select a perfect Eames Lounge Chair Replica?

To select the right Eames Lounge Chair Replica, you need to make sure that it has finely copied the features that are there in the original design. That is what we are going to discuss below – Features to look for to make sure that the replica you are buying is of good quality or not.

Dimensions – A good Eames Lounge Chair Replica will have the exact or closely matched dimensions of the original chair. One of the reasons why Eames chair became so popular was because of its dimensions. It is often said that this is the design that successfully packs different comforting features in a small space. So, while looking for a replica, you need to check out if it has the same dimensions or not.

Cost – When it comes to the cost of this Eames Lounge Chair Replica it ranges from $850 to $2500. A good Eames Lounge Chair Replica will cost you around $1200 to $1800. So, if you are looking for the Eames chair knock-off, make sure that you don’t overpay for it.

Cushion – Another very cool feature of the original Eames chair design is the removable cushion. Most of the replicas tend to lose the war there. To check whether the replica is good enough to invest in, you should see if the cushion is removable or not. This besides being cool is a very convenient feature. This allows you to keep the cushion clean which enhances its life.

Recliner – Note that Eames chair is not a recliner. The original design allows the sitter to lean back only up to 15 degrees. Every good replica will have copies of this feature. So, note this while buying an Eames chair replica.

These are a few features that you must check while buying an Eames Lounge Chair Replica. Not all manufacturers have managed to copy the design well, so make sure the one you are buying is the close copy of the original design. The points mentioned above will help you determine that.