Door Locks Problems That You Should Not Ignore

Door lock problems are something that every property owner deals with. Most of the commercial property owners, as well as homeowners, would tell they encountered the problem of door lock at one point. The way you handle the door lock problems determine the extent to which the problem impacts your security. Many property owners avoid calling a locksmith until it’s too late.

Common Door Lock Problems That Needs Attention

There are few door lock problems that you cannot afford to overlook as they would leave the security vulnerable as well as open to attack. Failing to pay appropriate attention to the door lock status can have serious consequences. Therefore, it is advised not to ignore the door lock problems. Here are some problems that require the utmost attention

  • Loose Door Locks, Knobs and Handles

The locks of the door have numerous moving parts. Each part is integral to ensuring the smooth working of the lock. In case any of the parts start to fall apart, the door lock would not work properly. With time as well as after an extended period of use, the parts of the door lock loosen up. It is easy to spot this problem. You would often notice while using the lock that something is wrong.

When the internal parts of the lock do not connect in the right manner, it results in a loose door handle, knob, or lock. It is often due to the screws that fasten the different parts of lock together are coming undone or they might be worn down or broken. You can tighten the screws if they have come undone or replace them if broken or worn down. In case there is something wrong with internal mechanics calling Locksmith Midtown West is an ideal solution.

  • Jammed Lock and Latches

Jammed locks can cause serious problems, it is advised not to neglect the issue. Putting it off or ignoring would jeopardize the security and cause damage to the door frame as well as hardware. Multiple reasons result in jammed locks like the build-up of debris, which clocks internal mechanisms. Even if the lock bolt or latch is broken, the lock would be jammed. No matter what causes the problem, the endpoint is the same. The bottom line is that you need to pay attention to this problem as consequences might be worse than you think.

  • Misaligned Door Locks

Misaligned lock means the key components of lock are not lined up in a manner that facilitates the door’s core functions. It is a serious door lock problem that needs to be addressed quickly. Misaligned locks are interchangeably used with misaligned strike plates. It is quite easy to spot misaligned strike plates or misaligned locks. Along with the lock, misaligned latches and deadbolts are also common. They are the result of the door as well as door frames that warp due to change in climate or locks that are not installed properly.

  • Broken Key in the Lock

Breaking the key in the door lock can be a devastating problem. The reason that makes this problem challenging is that the broken key in the lock affects the other facets that you would have to account for. The process of extracting the broken key from the keyway can be stressful. You would have to deal with the broken key, being locked out of the space, and having a lock with a broken internal mechanism. In case the key is broken with force, it might damage the lock. Instead of removing the broken piece on your own, taking the help of a locksmith 10019 is advised.

  • Turning Lock Cylinder

In case you insert the key in the door lock and the entire lock cylinder turns, it is a bigger door lock issue that needs to be addressed. From all the other problems, it is the easiest one to diagnose, however, the difficult one to solve. This problem could be due to loosening set crew or damaged set screw. To resolve this problem, it is important to access and tighten the set screw. This might sound easy, however, the solution varies and there are different types of locks.

To avoid the situation of being left stranded out of the house/ office, it is advised to hire an experienced locksmith. Hiring professional service would help you rest assured about the security of your property and eliminate the chances of anyone gaining access to your space at any time.

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