A detailed discussion on Protein Shake Diet Loss

Protein is a vital nutrient for weight loss. A protein diet mainly helps to lose weight by curbing the appetite of a person and reducing the calories he consumes in a day. Protein shakes basically help to provide you as much protein as you will get from food but with fewer calories. Protein helps in muscle building and plays an important role in cell function throughout the body. The basic idea behind protein shake weight loss is replacing meals with protein shakes that can improve muscle gain and weight loss. In this blog, we will discuss how this diet works, what are the protein shake weight loss results and what these shakes can do to benefit  a person’s overall health. 

How does protein shake weight loss work? 

The best thing about protein shakes is that it provides more than just protein. Manufacturers manufacture them with a wide variety of minerals and vitamins. A 2016 meta analysis shows that more protein consumption will make one feel full from within. Doctors also say that people who consume more protein in their diet will have very few food cravings and they generally eat less. Some prefer consuming proteins in their diets while others consume these proteins through shakes of various flavours. 

Now let us check out the benefits of protein:

Benefits of Protein

Most protein rich food consists of a large variety of minerals and vitamins. Many of these nutrients like vitamin B complex, zinc, iron, choline are quite difficult to get in sufficient quantities from other sources. 

Other nutrients which protein rich food provide are:

  • Vitamin E
  • Magnesium
  • Omega 3 fatty acids

Now let us check out how protein works in the body:

How does protein function in the body?

Protein helps in various functions in the body like building and repairing muscles, bones and skin. Protein is a significant part of a proper-balanced and nutrient-fulfilled diet that encourages good health. Protein also helps in developing hormones and enzymes in the body and metabolises vitamins. 

Now we will discuss about protein shakes and some of its benefits:

What are Protein Shakes?

Protein shakes are drinks that are prepared by combining protein powder with water or any other liquid, sometimes other ingredients are also added. Protein shakes can become a very convenient part of your diet especially when you have limited access to high quality protein food. 

Although most people don’t require protein shakes for meeting their daily protein requirements, they can be helpful if you want to increase your intake or have problems meeting your requirements through food alone or if you are following a protein shake weight loss routine. By having these protein shakes you can skip meals which in turn will help you lose weight. 

You can either buy protein powder and mix it yourself or you can purchase various brands of premade liquid shakes. 

Some of the popular protein powders available on the market are:

  • Whey Protein: This is  diary based and it absorbed quickly and it contains all the vital amino acids
  • Casein Protein: This is diary based and it absorbed slowly and it contains all the vital amino acids
  • Soy Protein: This protein is plant based and it contains all essential amino acids, also contains soy isoflavones that has many health benefits
  • Hemp Protein:It is plant based and it contains all the vital amino acids, it contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and also arginine.
  • Rice Protein:It is plant based and it contains less essential amino acids lysine

Let us now check out the two major benefits of protein shake weight:

a) Protein decreases hunger and appetite

Protein helps to decrease hunger and appetite and that is the reason why almost 50% of people in recent times are following the protein shake diet for weight loss. The best thing about protein is that it will help you to feel satisfied for a longer time in comparison to other micronutrients.
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This happens due to the release of satiety hormones and GP1 and PYY. 

As per study, a high protein breakfast helps older women consume 135 fewer calories in the later part of the day in comparison to a low protein breakfast. It has also been tested that having 2 protein shakes a day and one meal helps in curbing the appetite of a person and reduce calories that he consumes in a day. A study of 2019 also revealed that nine women with obesity reduced their appetite after ingesting protein drinks actively. Although all this evidence connecting protein shakes to weight loss is quite promising, still internal and external factors  play a vital role in how strong the connection may be. 

b) Protein shakes helps to maintain a healthy metabolism and lean muscle 

A high protein diet combined with strong training can help one to build muscle. And building muscle is a great way for keeping your metabolism healthy as muscle aids in metabolism and energy production. This is especially best for individuals who consume less food due to a physician recommended weight loss plan. Extreme calorie restriction can lead to muscle loss in addition to weight loss. This muscle loss in turn can slow down the metabolism of a person, which often results in gaining the weight back after losing it.
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That is why it is essential to include protein shakes and proteins in diet along with strength training to prevent this muscle loss while eating calorie deficit foods. 

In an experiment of 2016, participants were given a combination of protein shakes along with a protein diet, some were given a high protein diet and some were given a lower protein diet and some were given a high protein diet. After doing this for 6 weeks, it has been found that people on higher protein diets gain more muscle and lose more fat. 

What you can eat on a Protein Shake Diet? 

Different companies provide diets that include protein shakes. This is why the needs and offerings of every program vary. Some protein shakes diets are very extreme, which encourages people to eat only protein shakes. And some diets include protein shakes along with other food items. However the balanced protein shake diet should include protein shakes as a vital part of the diet along with other food sources. For example, the diet may include two protein shakes a day along with only one meal that also provides nutritional benefits.

A well balanced diet should include protein and other nutritional food sources. 


Hope this piece of information will help you if you are already following or planning to follow a protein shake diet for quick weight loss.