Unbelievable Digital Transformation Trends For 2020 In Automotive

Automotive is the second largest data-driven industry in this world. This is due to the growing mobile technology and IoT. Manufacturers are capable of collecting tons of data about drivers, their routes, their destinations, traffic patterns and more. Furthermore, they can also predict when maintenance is needed. Be it oil change or anything else, technology can predict everything when needed. These are just on the driver’s side. Find out the top digital transformation on the consumers side in automotive for 2020.

safety in automobiles
Driveless car with the help of AI.

Always Connected

Customers demand for a seamless connectivity experience these days. With the progress in 2020 and beyond, connection will not just be smooth via mobile phone, office, and home, but also in their cars, as well. Drivers can remain connected to their chosen apps, entertainment and music. Children can stay connected with their beloved games and even get a bump on their homework on the way back from school. Car-equipped WiFi is seen in the past, but moving into the 2020s, customers can see it turning out to be a staple of each brand-new car purchase, other than just an upgrade.

Autonomous Vehicles Edge Closer

Level 4 completely free carriers have remained to be the real grail. With the similarities of Uber, Waymo, Tesla, and lots of other corporations bestowing off their aptitudes in time, there is nevertheless a platform to proceed before the ordinary customer is continuing to purchase their own utterly autonomous carrier on their way to work. However, the reconstruction in this range will be evident in the upcoming year, plus you will get a high dose concerning this at CES extending uninterrupted out of the brand-new year.

Car cover
3D Car Cover

Better Customer Experience in the Car

Earlier, voice control systems and navigation in most vehicles have been clunky. It is common to experience the voice commands which takes approximately 5 minutes to get into the car to do what you truly want it to do. Luckily, companies are enhancing the customer service by applying systems like Apple CarPlay that mirrors what’s on your iPhone creating a seamless transition between your car and phone. If you love using Apple and have not experienced car play, it is highly recommended to look it up.

Shorter Model Cycles

The pressure and stress to digitize is much more than just adding new features to each vehicle. It additionally means that the average lifecycle of a vehicle will be modelling the lifecycle of technology. Drivers will be trading up when brand-new technology becomes available. This suggests the auto industry will witness model cycles shift from the old average of 5 to 8 years to 1 to 2 years. Also, the drivers will need to discover to find new methods to finance their cars. The short-term contracts other than the long-term finances will turn out to be the most normal. Well, that is entirely possible, and buyers need to transform with the new modification.

Remote Updates

Think of the fact if you did not need to stop into the regional mechanic store all the time the check-engine light in your vehicle is turned on. Going forward, you would not have to do that. Thanks to the always-on technology of connectivity. Applying the remote access, manufacturers can provide you with technology updates, recall information, safety updates and many more. All these will work like magic without you requiring to set a foot in the repair site.

Remote access
Remote access to cars for protection

Predictive Maintenance

How great it would be when your car would alert you about oil change? Well, your dream is about to come true. Being capable of keeping track of mileage and time seems like a pretty big deal like it seemed earlier. But, Today, cars are capable of pulling multitudes of data and send to the cloud for processing the data. It helps alert drivers about possible issues likely to take place in the future. These ranges from faulty brakes to engine trouble or a taillight that is about to burn out. Predictive maintenance is one such important feature that is actually leading to a 30% enhancement in uptime from truck drivers. They can now predict failures 30 days in advance with a shocking 95% accuracy. The future tow trucks might want to find a brand-new business model.


With a plethora of data being collected from drivers these days at any given time, data security is one of the major priorities for both drivers and manufacturers. Unfortunately, studies show maximum drivers have no idea about various important vehicle parts like steering, key fob, engine and brakes.

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If hackers can apply printers to access your data, odds are that they can use your car too. Moving forward, you can see larger public campaigns about the safety of your automobile connectivity accompanying with a greater push for car makers to make data safety a top priority.